How to Breed Ghazt in My Singing Monsters

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My Singing Monsters Ghazt and others
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My Singing Monsters gives players a couple worlds to fill with a bunch of monsters that produce different sounds in harmony since 2012. One of the monsters that have stuck around since then is Ghazt, and here is how to breed it.

How to Breed Ghazt in My Singing Monsters

There are multiple monsters that can be combined together to breed a Ghazt, but the results may vary and there is no clear solution that will guarantee a successful attempt. The combination requires one Entbrat and one monster that has three elements.

Some of the other three-element monsters that can work include Bowgart, Clamble, Pummel, and T-Rox. Its actual breeding time will depend on the location it is being bred and any boosts involved. See the table below for its breeding times:

TypePlant IslandEthereal Island
Default36 hours10 hours
Enhanced27 hours7 hours, 30 minutes
Skin Boost32 hours, 24 minutes9 hours
Enhanced & Boosted23 hours, 24 minutes6 hours, 30 minutes

The monster can also be bred on Ethereal Island with one Ghatz and one Rare Ghazt. This will produce a Ghazt with 100% success.

How to Get Ghazt in My Singing Monsters

Ghazt can be initially found on Plant Island and available after level nine. It will require five beds and a 2×2 size for floor space. A Ghatz can be bought on Plant Island for 1,000 Diamonds and sold for 750,000 coins.

The monster can be teleported to Ethereal Island once it has reaches level 15 by feeding it or purchased from the island directly for 1,500 Diamonds. One Ghatz can be sold on the island for 20 Shards.

For help on breeding other monsters, please check out our guide on how to breed Entbrat in the game.

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