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How to Befriend Villagers in Potion Permit

Increase your social standing with these simple steps!

by Nikola L

One of the most important things in Potion Permit is for your character to be on friendly terms with the residents of the village for various benefits. Without a good reputation in the village, you’ll find it harder to progress and that’s why Prima Games is here with a guide on how to befriend villagers in Potion Permit.

How to Increase Friendship Levels with Villagers in Potion Permit

There are a few things you can do to increase your friendship levels with villagers in Potion Permit and befriend them successfully. At the start of the game, the residents of Moonbury won’t look very fondly upon you, but you’ll soon build up and fortify your social status with all 30 of the villagers.

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If you spot a sick villager, heal them as soon as possible. This will give you a reward in form of Moon Cloves. Then, you can gift the Moon Cloves to the villagers, which will provide a substantial increase in your reputation with them. To do this, you need to start a conversation with the character you want to gift the Moon Cloves to. Be advised that this action is doable only once per day. Additional Moon Cloves can be obtained through various quests.

If you fill up the “friendship meter”, you will get a quest with that town resident which you can pick up from the bulletin boards found around the town. After completing, you will gain more “friendship points” with that character. It is also important to maintain relationships with the townsfolk by talking to them, albeit it’s a slower way to increase the friendship level. This can also be done once each day.

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