How to Become a General in a Space Agency in BitLife

Gain the authority to go on advanced space missions.

General in a Space Agency in BitLife
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When you first become an astronaut in BitLife, you’ll start as a cadet who assists with research studies. Over time, you’ll increase your reputation and gain clearance to explore the Moon and Mars. However, before you can do this, you must become a general and familiarize yourself with space flight. To learn more, continue reading to discover how to become a general in a space agency in BitLife.

How to Become a General in a Space Agency in BitLife: Astronaut Guide

To become a general in a space agency, you must own the astronaut job pack, become an astronaut, and rise the agency’s ranks until you reach its final rank. Becoming an astronaut requires having high smarts, getting a STEM degree, and obtaining your pilot’s license while rising to general requires going on space missions, conducting deep-space research, and searching for cosmic anomalies.

When you join the space agency, you’ll begin as a cadet who can conduct basic research experiments and search for cosmic anomalies. Transmitting and decrypting alien messages also gives you easy, albeit infrequent, boosts in reputation if you publish your findings. As you increase your reputation and conduct research, you’ll eventually gain a promotion to captain, allowing you to go on Lunar missions. Following this is General, which unlocks Mars missions.

What’s the catch? Neither of these are quick promotions. Even after several missions and experiments, your character can easily take over a decade to advance their rank. While my first astronaut character became a captain in no time, getting to general took nearly ten additional years. Generally speaking, you must work hard, maintain your reputation, and engage in as many astronaut activities as possible to boost your odds of receiving the promotion.

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