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How to Become a Famous Chef in BitLife

Start small and work your way up

by Madison Benson
BitLife How to Become a Famous Chef

There are a surprising number of ways to become famous in BitLife. You can become a renowned author, musician, athlete or even model, among other methods. If you’ve been keeping up on the latest BitLife challenges, you’re likely looking to complete the Hells Kitchen Challenge by becoming a famous chef who insults his coworkers. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to become a famous chef in BitLife.

How to Become a Famous Chef in BitLife

Before you can begin becoming a famous chef in BitLife, you’ll have to start very low on the totem pole. More specifically, you’ll want to start in a position like Dishwasher, Busser or Host before you can make your way to a chef career. This is because, while these three roles only require secondary school education, any chef role requires three years of work experience and at least a community college degree. Don’t fret if you went to university, though, since this is also formal education.

Becoming a Chef

Once you’ve completed your post-secondary education, head into the full-time job list and look for one of the three positions listed before. Apply for the position, pass the interviews and work the job for at least three years before searching for either a Line Cook or Apprentice Chef position in the list. By now, you’ll be qualified for the role! Apply for this job and switch to the chef career to officially begin the process.

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Becoming Famous

From this point onwards, it’s a matter of working hard every year and maintaining your job performance so you continue to gain promotions. Working more hours each week, somewhere around the 46-54 hour range, will also help raise your chances of getting promoted and becoming famous.

As you work the job, you’ll get promoted to roles like Chef Tournant, Saucier and Sous Chef, all the way up to Executive Chef. By the time you’re an Executive Chef, you may already be a celebrity chef! If not, continue working hard until you gain the pop-up telling you that you’ve become famous!

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