Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe 6 Clear

How to Beat Simulated Universe World 6 (I) in Honkai: Star Rail

Overcome the final challenge

The ultimate challenge during Equilibrium Level 2 (and still not a pushover after ascension) in Honkai: Star Rail might be the Simulated Universe World 6, where your objective is to overcome your dire situation and find the best Blessing combination available to have your shot at beating Cocolia in the end. 

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All of that is way easier said than done, so we’ll go over some tips and tricks that might prove useful when facing this challenge. Here’s how to beat the Simulated Universe World 6 (I) in Honkai: Star Rail.

Simulated Universe World 6 (I) Tips in Honkai: Star Rail

Enemies found in this World will go all the way up to Level 60, so it’s recommended to get all of your relevant characters up to 50 at least. If you’re already at Equilibrium 3, level at least your main damage dealers to 60 and ascend your supports to 50/60 for some stats boost.

Recommended elements are Fire, Quantum and Lightning. Cocolia’s weaknesses are similar to most Elites you meet along the way, so you can usually bring the same team and you’ll be fine.

General rooms can be difficult depending on your luck and which Blessings you took. Stalling battles relying on defensive strats is always valid, but make sure you’ll deal with things quickly. Every Elite Boss enemy has a hidden “enrage” counter where they’ll start receiving unremovable Damage Boost buffs until they wipe your whole team. Final bosses also have a similar buff, but those are shown in their buff bar.

Best Characters for Simulated Universe World 6 (I)

As for the team itself, F2P characters like the Fire Trailblazer, Asta, Tingyun and Hook are some examples of characters that can do well in this challenge. Natasha, being the free healer option, is almost mandatory to have at your party, so don’t forget to bring her. A popular tried and true composition is Asta, Fire Trailblazer, Natasha and any other DPS character that can act as the main carry.

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Of the current 5-stars, Himeko and Seele are great at fulfilling that role, as well as breaking general enemies’ weaknesses, including the final boss. Himeko has powerful AoE attacks and Seele is great at single target, working as a pseudo-AoE as long as she deals a killing blow. Bailu is a different (and more powerful) healer option that can also break weaknesses easier, so it’s easily the prime option here.

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Best Paths for Simulated Universe World 6 (I)

Abundance is widely considered the best path for first-time clears. Surviving is harder with lower levels, so healing-enhancing Blessings and activating Resonance Formation: Anicca helps with Cocolia’s constant freezing and eases all heal checks. You should still bring healers since first aid is always needed. If Freeze is not a huge deal for you, go with Resonance Formation: Anatta to have a permanent heal on your queue to the point where you can even dish Bailu/Natasha out.

The Hunt is another powerful path. Its AoE damage, especially with Resonance Formation: Bow and Arrow, can take out a good chunk of the bosses’ HP. Star Hunter can make your hypercarry even stronger, and Perfect Aim can clear out multiple enemy waves, including adds summoned by bosses.

Even if you don’t pick The Hunt as your main Path, grab up some Blessings to Advance Forward your turns if you can. This can make a huge difference, especially when running Seele teams.

Other main Paths like Destruction and Preservation are also great, but they work with characters with decent-to-perfect items equipped, something harder to achieve pre-Equilibrium 4 or higher.

How to Defeat Cocolia

Cocolia has three phases where she constantly summons her Ice Edges and inflicts high AoE damage. Her regular attacks are also harsh and can freeze you. Starting from Phase 2, she also gains a charging attack which you can interrupt by breaking her. Otherwise, raise up your shields and damage mitigation tools you might have.

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After depleting her first life gauge, she summons Bronya to the battle. Bronya is weak to Physical, Fire and Imaginary, but you don’t necessarily have to defeat her before dealing with Cocolia. It makes things definitely easier, though, as she will constantly buff her adoptive mother and advance her actions forward during Phase 3, including her charging attack.

Your primary focus is to burst her down before her increasing damage stacks become too much for you to handle. AoE attacks are especially useful for bringing her adds down as well as bringing down some numbers onto her at the same time.

The Asta + Fire Trailblazer combo is perfect for that. You have consistent AoE through Asta’s skills and the Trailblazer’s enhanced Basic Attack/Ultimate, as well as various buffs to your whole party. If you’re not running healers, Tingyun can also boost your main carry even further so her adds won’t be around for too long.  

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When running Abundance + Anicca, use it as soon as you get frozen to get an instant cleanse because every turn is essential. During her final phase, she’ll attempt to channel her big attack every turn, so Breaking her is essential. If Bronya’s still around, this might be the time to take her out definitely.

If you fail, you still get a good amount of points to enhance your characters inside the Universe, so your next attempt should be easier. It’s all about persistence, so don’t give up!

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