How to Beat Scream in Spider-Man 2 – Boss Fight Guide

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Scream Spider-Man 2
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The story in Spider-Man 2 starts to hit full speed in the final act, and on top of all the Symbiotes running rampant around New York, Scream makes an appearance as a full-blown boss. She may be quick, but if you know her tricks, then the fight just becomes a game of combos and survival.

Here’s how to beat Scream in Spider-Man 2.

How to Defeat Scream in Spider-Man 2

Scream has four phases in her boss fight and you need to be prepared for plenty of fast attacks that must be dodged. Each phase introduces something new to the fight that calls for adaptation. Once you know what to look for though, this Symbiote will go down like any other.

Phase 1

Scream Spider-Man 2
Screenshot by Prima Games.

The first and last phases are the most difficult due to the speed and initial learning process. In phase 1, you just want to learn her swipe combo. Scream will throw a right-handed slash and follow it up with a left-handed slash. These can both be parried but it’s more important to note what comes after. The slashes are always followed by a blast attack that must be dodged.

After you get used to this main combo, you can start parrying anything else and combining your moves. Your most important tools will be the Sonic Burst gadgets and the car alarms around the street. Use these to your advantage in between attacks. I like to use my abilities, stun her with a blast, then continue combing. Even on Spectacular difficulty, you can wipe out most of her health.

Phase 2

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In the second phase, most of the fight is the same aside from ranged attacks. Scream will start jumping around the rooftops at random points so she can throw projectiles at you. Just dodge these and go back to business. She won’t add anything aside from the spears until the next phase so don’t worry yet.

Phase 3

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At this point Scream is angry and MJ is beginning to peak through. The fight moves to the construction site where MJ has a previous stealth encounter. Just like before, you want to utilize any of the environmental set pieces in the area to stun Scream. There are plenty to choose from and the area is smaller. If you have the ability to Wall Thrash, you can pin the boss and deal even more damage.

Most of the attacks are the same here but Scream will also start using more of her hair in combos. Be ready to parry at a moment’s notice and remember her hair for the final phase of the fight.

Phase 4

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We’re in the final stretch now. Once this section starts, you need to be ready for a new devastating attack. Scream will lash at you with her hair and then she will follow up the combo with an unblockable hair attack. This move does tons of damage and it ended one of my runs after catching me off guard.

With everything else internalized from the previous phases, not much else changes. Just get used to the new combo and you’re good to go. I was able to keep my own combos going and the Sonic Burst was still my friend.

To make sure you’re getting the most out of this fight, make sure you have all the basics on how to parry in Spider-Man 2.

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