How to Beat Rule 15 in The Password Game

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The Password Game Rule 15 Featured

Right after playing a quick match of Geoguesser, your next objective in the Password Game is to include a specific date in your password. Rule 15 reads “Your password must include a leap year.”, and that’s another restrictive thing that’s certain to conflict with your previously completed rules. But that’s far from your biggest problem, and you can breeze through it compared to the hell you’ve been through in the last Rule. Here’s how to beat Rule 15 in the Password Game.

How to Add a Leap Year to Your Password in The Password Game

This is as straightforward as it can get, as all you need to do is put any of these specific year dates to the password to proceed. Leap years are special years containing one extra day (February 29th) that make sure our calendar stays aligned with the actual period contained in an astronomical year. A year has technically 365 days and 6 hours, so an extra day has to be added once in a while.

The Password Game Rule 15 Leap Year
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Leap years occur every four years. So any multiple of 4 is considered a leap year. 4, 8, 12, 16… the list goes on. As long as you can divide a given number by 4, it’s considered a leap year by the password system in the game. As of this writing, the next leap year will be 2024, so you might add that if you feel like it. 

The only problem is that since you’re adding more numbers, you’re bound to conflict with Rule 5: “The digits in your password must add up to 25.”. If you’re unlucky, the captcha you got from Rule 10 might also contain some numbers.

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So you’re forced to change some numbers, but be careful not to mess with the captcha. Sometimes changing numbers is not even needed if you happened to add a multiple of 4 somewhere along the way. If you don’t want the captcha to bother you later, you can change it even after getting past Rule 10 to a non-numbered one.

I usually go with lower numbers like 24 or 26, whichever fits my needs to reach 25. This is still an easy rule and you might don’t even have to do anything. But things get real once you reach Rule 16, so good luck in there.

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