How to Beat Phantom Muspah in RuneScape (OSRS)

Trying to defeat the boss Phantom Muspah in Old School RuneScape? Here is a guide on how to beat the monster.

Old School Runescape definitely has its challenging enemies one has to face from time to time. One of these bosses, Phantom Muspah, is amongst the most difficult foes to battle. Here is how you can beat Phantom Muspah in Old School RuneScape.

Defeating Phantom Muspah in Old School RuneScape

Taking down Phantom Muspah is no easy feat. The boss has a combat level of 741, making it incredibly strong. Still, this monster is not unbeatable.

First, you need to prepare yourself before battling Phantom Muspah. First off, it must be noted that Phantom Muspah is immune to poison, venom and cannons. He also has a 33% resistance to freeze attacks, making him almost impenetrable. Luckily, the creature is not immune to thralls.

When entering battle with Phantom Muspah, it is recommended that you have a level of 85 or over for summoning thralls.

When fighting this beast, be weary of both his melee and ranged attacks. Phantom Muspah will shoot lightning attacks at its foe from close up and afar and will also shoot spikes out of the ground. When you get the monster to less than 100 health, it will move to the middle of the battlefield and release a massive shockwave.

It will then activate a prayer shield, increasing its combat stats. Act quickly before you get to this point.

So How Does One Take Down Phantom Muspah?

When fighting Phantom Muspah, ranged attacks will work the best. When he goes in for a melee attack with his magic, you can always choose to strike a few blows, but it’s best if you avoid him when he is close as his magic attacks can do upwards of 71 damage.

A Twisted Bow with Dragon Arrows is highly recommended when facing off against Phantom Muspah. Make sure your archery skill is above level 90, or your shots will do little to no damage.

Phantom Muspah can be found at the end of the quest “Secrets of the North.”

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