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How to Beat Ormstunga Boss in God of War Ragnarok

He's fast and he's annoying. Kill him.

by Matt Vatankhah
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God of War Ragnarok has quite a few bosses scattered around the nine realms, many of them being mandatory to progress through the story. Though, some optional bosses can be found off the beaten path, and often lead to valuable rewards that Kratos and crew wouldn’t normally be able to obtain. One optional boss that has players rightfully frustrated is Ormstunga – a quick, jumpy, and annoying little creature that you’d be lucky to land a hit on. If you’re ready to finish off this sucker for good, read on to learn how to beat the Ormstunga boss in God of War Ragnarok.

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Where to Find Ormstunga in God of War Ragnarok

To find Ormstunga, you’ll need to travel to Dragon Beach and interact with the Elder Wayfayer Spirit to begin The Lost Treasure Favor. Accept the quest, and then travel to Alberich Hollow.

Once there, enter the cavern on the left side of the large statue and keep spelunking down until you reach a sound stone. To begin the fight with Ormstunga, simply destroy the sound stone.

How to Beat Ormstunga in God of War Ragnarok

Ormstunga is small, very fast, and very agile. Landing a hit on him won’t be easy, so you’ll need to use all your available tools to close the gap and/or stagger him to be able to deal damage.

  • Throw your Draupnir Spear – this weapon is one of the more optimal choices due to its quickness. Try sticking Ormstunga will several spears and detonating them for some easy damage.
  • Use Arrows when Ormstunga is in the air – Either fire them yourself, or have Atreus assist you to possibly stagger Ormstunga, enabling you to close the gap for some powerful attacks.
  • Parry almost everything – All of Ormstunga’s attacks can be parried except for his cannonball attack, which must be dodged. With a shield equipped, use parrying to your advantage to counter with a devastating blow.
  • Be patient, but punishing – Spamming buttons and chasing Ormstunga blindly will only get you killed. He’s too quick to mindlessly mash your attacks on. Study his move patterns, parry when the opportunity arises, and punish him when he leaves himself open.

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