How to Beat Kraven the Hunter in Spider-Man 2

From prey to predator

Kraven the Hunter Spider-Man 2
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With Miles in the clutches of Kraven the Hunter, Peter runs right into his trap so he can hunt down the spider, and now it’s your chance to face the villain Spider-Man 2. Kravinoff is certainly imposing, but he’ll go down like any other villain and I’m here to explain how.

How to Defeat Kraven the Hunter in Spider-Man 2

Kraven only has two health bars you need to deal with. However, he takes a ton of damage and his mechanics will change up halfway through the second phase. So there are almost three phases that all feel fairly different as the boss fight rages on.

Phase 1

the fight against Kraven the Hunter in Spider-Man 2.
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For starters, you want to watch for quick punches and kicks that Kravinoff will throw at you. Most of the time, they can be parried, but he also throws out some crushes that need to be dodged. Crushes are always marked in blue, so you have time to react. Just play defense and counter with any combos you have.

Occasionally, Kraven will throw a flash grenade at you and blind you for a moment. Any time he does this, it means he is teleporting far away with an axe. He winds up and whips the axe at you. You can dodge, or you can throw the axe back at the boss for more damage.

Phase 2

the bell in the arena.
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The fight completely changes for the second phase with Kraven in Spider-Man 2. You and Kravinoff will end up in a jungle-like arena. At the front of the arena is a bell that the boss uses to continuously stagger you. This needs to be webbed up immediately. Don’t waste any time stopping the noise when the bell rings.

Once the bell is dealt with, you need to watch for Kraven’s more aggressive kicks and more crush attacks. He will also start going invisible as the second phase progresses. Just listen for his movements and be ready to parry right away.

Phase 2.5

Fighting the adds in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.
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In the second phase, Kraven will start summoning the mechanical dogs at about half health. I made sure to deal with these immediately with my Symbiote abilities. If you leave them around, the boss is going to have more than enough time to dish out damage.

On top of the extra dogs, Kraven will start jumping around trees and attempting to shoot you. The green laser he uses is a dead giveaway, so just be ready to dodge and web him up in the tree. Follow up with combos, and then the fight is over before you know it.

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