Honkai Star Rail Defeat Bronya

How to Beat Bronya in Honkai: Star Rail

Imagine if we got a free Bronya after beating her.

While in the Forgotten Hall, the ever-expanding challenge zone in Honkai: Star Rail, players will eventually reach a point where two teams are required to proceed. This is also when the Hall starts getting more complicated and brings some tougher opponents from the main story back for round 2. Bronya is one of those opponents in Room 14, where she and Svarog are fought back-to-back by two different teams.

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While she might not deal that much damage for herself, she’s definitely a hard nut to crack, so here’s what you should be doing when fighting Bronya in Honkai: Star Rail.

How to Beat Forgotten Hall Bronya in Honkai: Star Rail

The main tips for defeating Bronya for the first time are:

  • Balancing your team around her weaknesses,
  • Bringing her adds down as soon as possible,
  • Inflicting Break right after knocking a guard out

Her weaknesses are Physical, Fire and Imaginarium, while the guards accompanying her are weak to either Wind and Quantum or Physical, Ice and Imaginarium. She also appears in Simulated Universe World 6 alongside Cocolia, but this article focuses on her “sole” battle in the Forgotten Hall.

Characters such as Clara, Himeko, Welt, Sushang and Hook will have a natural advantage in this battle. Match them with supports such as Asta, Pela and Natasha to make sure you’re hitting some weaknesses out there. Both the Fire and Physical Trailblazer are great here, but bring Physical if you don’t have any other DPS that can hit Bronya hard enough. Otherwise, leave the Trailblazer to deal with Svarog. 

Since our goal here is to bring her down as quickly as possible, don’t hold back against the initial guard’s wave. Bronya herself enters the scene after wiping those out and she summons two random guards to her side. This is where things get complicated.

Bronya cannot receive Break while her guards are on the field, so unless your main damage dealer cannot hit her weakness, to begin with (i.e Seele), your best option is to deal with them quickly.

Honkai Star Rail Defeat Bronya Battle
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Pela’s Ultimate is a huge helper here, especially when combined with powerful AoE hitters such as Hook, Himeko or Physical Trailblazer. Bronya periodically summons more guards and buffs them instead of damaging you herself whenever she has one or fewer guards at her side.

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It all comes down to how fast you can knock the guards out and Break her before she brings them back. If you choose to ignore them and simply burst her down, you’re granted the “Thank You For Your Service” achievement after the battle ends.

Clara is definitely the best character for this fight if you have her as she can hit most guards and Bronya herself for Weakness while also countering them. You can definitely beat her without Clara, but she makes things way easier, so add her if you can. Sushang is a decent replacement too, so consider building her.

Since Svarog is no pushover either, make sure you leave some beef for him on the second team. Save some hard hitters and buffers that cannot hit her or her guards’ Weaknesses as effectively for the big robot guy as you’ll definitely need them there.

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