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All Rewards from the Forgotten Hall in Honkai: Star Rail Listed

Is it worth it? Yes, yes it is.

by Jordan Lemons

Okay, so the Forgotten Hall may not give out things for free, but they certainly do give you quite a few free hand-outs right from the get-go with the first few Memory challenges. As long as you build your characters and get a good team going, you should have no issue grabbing the amazing rewards you can get from this additional challenge.

All Forgotten Hall Rewards in Memory Listed

The rewards are kind of funky as they are broken up in different ways. One string of rewards is granted by how many Stars you can achieve within each floor, for each star there is a specific challenge that you need to pass in order to get Stellar Jades for completing it. The next string of rewards is based on completing the floor overall, even if you may have missed one or two Stars in order to do so. You will still have items for your hard work, some of which can be quite valuable to you later if you save up plenty. 

Insignia Rewards (3-Star Clearing of Each Floor)

  • 200x Stellar Jades
  • 40,000x Credits
  • 8x Lost Crystals (Levels 1-5)
  • 20x Lucent Afterglow (Levels 1-5)
  • 10x Adventurer’s Log (Levels 1-5)
  • 6x Condensed Aether (Levels 1-5)
  • 10,00x Credits (Levels 1-5)
  • 5x Traveler’s Guide
  • 4x Refined Aether
  • 10x Lost Crystals
  • 40x Lucent Afterglow


  • 3,000 Stellar Jades
  • 50x Adventurer’s Log
  • 30x Condensed Aether
  • 50x Traveler’s Guide
  • 40x Refined Aether
  • 140x Lost Crystals
  • 500x Lucent Afterglow
  • 250,000x Credits

All Forgotten Hall Rewards in Memory of Chaos Listed

Unlike Memory, the Memory of Chaos rewards can actually be reaped periodically once the cycle resets. Although to get to these, you will need to complete the bulk of challenges in Memory first. You do not need to get all the Stars, luckily. With each cycle, Memory of Chaos will inflict something called Memory Turbulence, this can add buffs to your characters that can be anywhere from increased damage to additional damage for your characters. Building your team around these buffs can spell a certain victory for you if you play your cards right. 

Insignia Rewards (3-Star Clearing of Each Floor)


  • 600x Stellar Jades
  • 300,000x Credits
  • 20x Traveler’s Guides
  • 10x Refined Aether
  • 20x Lost Crystals
  • 80x Lucent Afterglow

All Light Cone Manifests Available at the Shop

When talking to the Messenger outside the Forgotten Hall, there is an additional option to instead shop at the Light Cone Manifests aside of entering the Hall for challenges. For completing the floors in both Memory and Memory of Chaos, you will be rewarded with Lucent Afterglow. Man, Honkai: Star Rail sure has a lot of different currencies for specified shops, huh? Regardless, these shards of memories can actually help you piece together a full form of Light Cone that you can gather from the shop. While not a Five-Star like in the other shops, these can still be valuable and much better than a Three-Star for some of your builds.

  • Quid Pro Quo (Abundance)
  • Fermata (Nihility)
  • We Are Wildfire (Preservation)
  • River Flows in Spring (Hunt)
  • Past and Future (Harmony)
  • Woof! Walk Time! (Destruction)
  • The Seriousness of Breakfast (Erudition)

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