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How to Beat Becki the Bride in Dead Island 2

You ruined her wedding, she ruins your face.

by Daphne Fama

You’ve slaughtered the way through the Halperin Hotel, you’ve tracked down Major Brooke, and now you’ve finally got the master key. But before you and Dr. Reed can exchange any meaningful words, the bride herself shows up. Here’s how to beat Becki the Bride in Dead Island 2.

How to Beat Becki the Bride in Dead Island 2

If you’ve trudged through any part of the Halperin Hotel, you’ve seen the wedding décor plastered everywhere. Unfortunately, Major Brooke crashed that party and melted the still-conscious groom (and likely a significant number of guests) in a vat of toxic, body-melting waste.

But the bride? The bride’s been running rampant through the halls, and now that she’s killed Major Brooke, she’s after the last party crasher. You. And unfortunately, she’s a beefcake and the strongest foe you’ve faced so far.

Fortunately, we’re already set up for success.

Best Equipment to Beat Becki the Bride

The absolute best setup to deal with buff bride Becki the Apex Crusher zombie is the Chem Bomb curve ball and your favorite weapon with an electricity mod. Ideally, you’ll want at least two weapons modded to be able to shock. I opted to use the Katana and Claws, as they’re my favorite weapons.

Best Strategy to Beat Becki the Bride

If you’ve taken a look around the room, you’ve likely noticed there are two blue jerry cans of water. There’s also a hanging wire which will shock you if you get too close to it. We’ll be utilizing these, so keep them in mind.

Once beefcake Becki hops down from her perch above us, immediately hit her with a Chem Bomb to briefly stun her but, more importantly, make her soggy. A soggy zombie conducts electricity particularly fast, so one hit with your electrified weapon will both stun her and do tick damage over a brief window of time. This is the ideal moment to absolutely lay into her with as much as you can, so switch to your hardest-hitting weapon to do so.

When the stun phase ends, Becki will likely leap into the air. When she does this, you’ll take damage and fall to the ground if you’re not careful. To avoid taking damage, jump or run out of range. I find that jumping works particularly well and is very forgiving.

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Alternatively, she may try to punch you. Because she’s very slow and her moves are obviously telegraphed, she’s pretty easy to either run away from or block. If you block her correctly, she’ll briefly be stunned, giving you a chance to counterattack.  

While she does significant damage, it’s easy to run circles around. Take advantage of this by grabbing the blue jerrycans, soaking Becki, then either leading her to the electrical wire or hitting her with your electrified weapon. Do this enough times, and your Chem Bomb will be recharged again, allowing you to repeat your opening gambit of soak-then-stun.

Repeat this until the wedding guests arrive. These guests are about half a dozen Shamblers and Walkers, and they should be dealt with immediately. Ideally, at a distance from Becki, who will happily punch you while distracted.

Once Becki’s veil flies off, the battle is almost over, so give her everything you’ve got.

With that done, it’s time to go back to Emma’s house. But more importantly, it’s time to see the trader, Carlos. And did you know you can refresh his wares, thus making shopping more efficient? Here’s how to do just that: How to Restock Traders in Dead Island 2.

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