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How to Beat Ayre in Armored Core 6 (AC6)

Bad decisions were made.

If you’re like me and somehow made all the worst decisions in Armored Core 6, then you have to eventually fight Ayre, or IB-07: SOL 644 / Ayre. This fight is not easy by any means, and you’ll need a hefty build to deal with an endless flurry of attacks, but I have you covered with the best guide for this fight in AC6.

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How to Defeat Ayre in Armored Core 6

To beat Ayre in AC6, you want to have two Stun Needle Launchers and two Gatling Guns so that melting through shields is no problem at all. Ayre is on par, or even faster than CEL 240, and sometimes the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze when it comes to fast builds. Instead of playing Ayre’s game, we want to be the best tank possible.

1) Stay Aggressive

Screenshot by Prima Games.

You want to apply pressure at all times in this fight. Ayre has shields constantly regenerating before you can stagger. The goal is to melt her down before her endless stream of attacks staggers you first. This means using your launchers and your Gatling Guns at all times. Keep closing the gap and dodge forward when you need to.

2) Use Your Stun Needle Launchers

AC6 Stun Needle Launcher
Stun Needle Launcher (Screenshot by Prima Games).

The VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launchers from the Ice Worm fight can instantly stagger Ayre or rip through her shields if both shots hit. I liked to shoot one after the other so that if she dodged, at least one would hit. However, if she was about to stagger, then I would save the stuns and rip with the Gatling Gun.

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As soon as the staggers, shoot both Stun Needle Launchers at the same time and watch her health plummet. Stay aggressive with these tactics and the fight will reach 50% in next to no time.

3) Phase 2 Just Means More Speed

When Ayre reaches 50% health in Armored Core 6, she will move much faster and hit you with far more attacks. Even some clones will appear as attacks and tracking will be as difficult as ever. But that just means aggression is even more crucial.

Ayre will start the phase completely vulnerable and you can easily get some more Stun Needle Launcher shots in before the shield goes back up. If you can keep dodging when you need to, the rest of the fight is business as usual. Don’t stop shooting and time those launcher shots.

The Best Build to Beat Ayre in Armored Core 6

The best build for Ayre in AC6 is based on utilizing a tank with two Gatling Guns and two Stun Needle Launchers. With this build, the idea is to stay on the ground and simply apply pressure with all four weapons. High mobility and low damage is your worst enemy here. You need to be the opposite of Ayre. I found this build on SegmentNext and it instantly made a difference. All the details are below.

Ayre Fight Build Armored Core 6
Ayre AC6 Build (Screenshot by Prima Games).

Best Ayre Build in AC6:

  • R-Arm Unit: DF-GA-08 HU-BEN
  • L-Arm Unit: DF-GA-08 HU-BEN
  • R-Back Unit: VE-60SNA
  • L-Back Unit: VE-60SNA
  • Head: HD-033M Verrill
  • Core: DF-BD-08 Tian-Qiang
  • Arms: DF-AR-09 Tian-Lao
  • Legs: LG-022T Bornemissza
  • Booster: Nothing
  • FCS: FC-008 TALBOT
  • Generator: VP-20D
  • Expansion: Terminal Armor

Of course, you can always tune the builds, and I even went with my own FCS for better targeting on my build. These are always a baseline, but Armored Core 6 is all about trying new builds and see what works best. Soon enough, Ayre will be taken care of and you can finish the “bad” ending in the game.

For a better idea of what you can build, here is the full list of weapons in Armored Core 6.

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