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How to Beat 6 Star Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Who thought Gholdengo would become the meta?

by Daphne Fama

Tera Raids are a new feature brought into Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but the mechanic itself (and the weird, overworld beams of light) might seem familiar to you. You and three other trainers (AI or real) join together to take down a super-powered Pokemon, all for the chance to gain great rewards and the chance to catch a Pokemon with (ideally) an optimal tera type.

But tera raids are no joke, especially at star levels 5 and 6. Many trainers with highly-leveled Pokemon and a coordinated team of friends get trounced against these tera raid bosses, so here’s how to clench that victory.

How to Beat 6 Star Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Before approaching a 6 Star Raid, you’ll need to take a number of things into consideration. What is your Pokemon’s level? What is your Pokemon’s tera type and the tera type of the Pokemon you’ll be fighting against? Will you be going solo? And, if you’re playing co-op, what is your role in the raid?

The first thing to note is that 6 Star Tera raids are probably some of the hardest fights you’ll participate in, at least until we get our first 7 star raid in December. During 6 Star Raids, the Pokemon’s level will be approximately level 90, meaning your Pokemon should be at that level or higher. Otherwise, you’ll drag your team down.

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The second thing to consider is the Pokemon you’re using. You’ll want to only engage with Pokemon. You’re sure you have an advantage against, or who won’t be able to decimate your own Pokemon. Each time your Pokemon faints, you’ll lose valuable time, and time management is one of the most important aspects of this raid. There are two Pokemon who have reached meta for 6 Star Raids.

The first is Iron Hands, a Paradox Pokemon exclusive to Violet. You’ll want it to have Tera Type Fighting. You’ll want to build your move set around Iron Hand’s Belly Drum. Belly Drum will cut Iron Hand’s HP in half but add +6 to its attack, maxing its attack. You’ll be focusing on using Drain Punch after that, as tera bosses have huge health and this allows you to get most of your health back. An Adamant Nature is best for Iron Hands.

The second meta Pokemon is Gholdengo. Yes, it’s a ridiculous Pokemon but you’ll want it with a Tera Type Ghost and a Spell Tag as its hold item. For its moves, you’ll want Recover, Nasty Plot, Metal Sound, and Hex. You’ll also want a Modest nature on it, if possible, to boost its Special Attack. But beyond its excellent Gholdengo is its special ability, Good as Gold, which prevents it from being affected by status effects.

Once you have a Pokemon that you want to bring into a 6 Star Raid, you’ll want to get them hyper trained. Hyper training will allow your Pokemon to get their most important stats maxed out.

As for whether you go solo or co-op, this is up to you. Sometimes depending on strangers can be just as detrimental (if not more so) than AI players. It’s helpful to go on Discord and join a Pokemon server where 6 Star Tera raids and calls are being coordinated, as it will ensure that you have roles and Pokemon dictated before you even begin the engagement.

But with Iron Hands or Gholdengo, you’ll be able to take on a 6 Star Tera Raid solo. Just ensure that your Pokemon is Level 100, has been hyper trained, has the right nature, and has the right move set.

Good luck beating those raids, trainer!

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