How to Be Completely Safe on Your Ship in Lethal Company

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How to Play the Ship Duty Role in Lethal Company
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To some players, the ship in Lethal Company sounds like a haven from all the horrors on the moons they are scavenging, but the situation is not as it seems, with people getting hurt and killed due to some minor mistakes. Here’s how to be safe on your ship in Lethal Company.

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How to Stay Alive on Your Ship in Lethal Company

The truth is, you can never be 100% safe on the ship, but there are some countermeasures that you can implement to keep the percentage as close to 100% as possible because RNG can always mess things up even if you did everything correctly.

Various dangers loom while you are on your ship in Lethal Company, so let’s address every one of them. Don’t use the jetpack on board, and keep the shotguns with safety on, please.

1. Eyeless Dogs

Doggies will chew you and tarnish you like a fluffy/rubber toy if they hear anything within the ship. However, they can also randomly sniff around and within your ship and then either randomly find you or randomly toodle-oo on their merry way away from you.

  • Try to lower the microphone sensitivity in your system settings, move it away from your keyboard if you have a mechanical keyboard, and move it below your mouth so that it doesn’t pick up your breathing if your microphone is catching random noises. When you’re in the settings, you can check if the sounds you are making are being picked up by the microphone easily. In case the issue is unsolvable, enable push to talk.
  • Crouch around the ship.
  • Use the text chat with nearby crewmates (Dogs can’t read!).
  • If you spot dogs near the door, try to close the door until they go away.
  • Whoopie cushions are not to be scattered around the ship’s walking area. Instead, put them in the cupboard or toss them outside, near the Loud Horn, so that you can create an eternal loop of audio triggers for them.
  • Use the Loud Horn to lure the dogs away from the ship’s entrance. However, be careful; triggering them too much upgrades their threat level, so it’s best if they never get agitated.
  • In dire situations, jump on top of the ship.

2. Masked

  • Have a shovel, stop sign, or yield sign ready to kill them if they show up on your ship or if you accidentally teleport a possessed crewmate back to the ship. Remember, they can spawn in the facility even if no crewmate gets possessed by the comedy/tragedy mask.
  • Speaking of teleporting possessed crewmates, double-check if the movement of your crewmates on the monitor is irregular and inhuman (moving in straight lines and spinning around linearly) because you can just choose not to deal with that issue.

3. Ghost Girl

  • I am the person who looks around the most en route to the Facility (scouting out for bee hives, etc.), and usually, as a result of this, the game labels me as “most paranoid.” I am usually the one who hears the laughing or breathing of the Ghost Girl behind me promptly after entering the Facility. If you are the one to hear these audio cues, do not look back; do not turn around. She won’t attack the first time you look at her, so use that to your advantage. After you get “marked,” you will probably get sent back to the ship by the rest of your crewmates.
  • As you enter the ship, you might hear another sound cue; do not turn around. From now on, you are condemned to never look at the ship’s door again. If you look at the door and see the Ghost Girl again, she will start chasing you, and you will have to run to the ship’s roof or otherwise try to outrun her, which is a huge pain to deal with. You can set up the cupboard near the Terminal to block your vision from accidentally “catching” the Ghost Girl, or you can turn the Terminal so that the screen faces the door, making you physically unable to look at the Ghost Girl.

4. Bees

  • Do not keep the bee hive you’ve just collected on your ship until takeoff. It’s safe to do it after you leave the moon you picked it up from.
  • When you get a hive, leave it on the sides (but not too close to the ship entrance) or the corners of the metal walkway outside of the ship (but never under the Loud Horn). If you place the hive too close to the ship entrance, crewmates won’t be able to get in without getting killed. If you place the hive right behind the monitor, when you start to take off, the bees will noclip through the wall and start attacking everyone within the ship.

Best Furniture Layout for Your Ship in Lethal Company

From my experience, I keep seeing two common layouts of basic furniture, which I will present to you below. Please note that mazes and obstacles within the ship ain’t gonna stop those dogs.

Ship Layout 1

In the screenshot below, you will see my favorite layout.

You are in the corner, not bothering anyone, and you can look at the Terminal and quickly switch to:

  • Teleporter pod, to grab the body of a fallen comrade,
  • Loud Horn to divert the Dogs,
  • Teleporter button to quickly get a crewmate out of the Facility.

Also, you can bring in the cupboard to physically block the view of the door so that you don’t accidentally see the Ghost Girl. Some players push the cupboard all the way to the entrance, leaving room only to squeeze in between the door buttons and the cupboard.

Ship Layout 2

This one is “meh” because it doesn’t fully utilize the static teleport button. We all know that one second of being too late to teleport someone may mean the difference between getting devoured by a forest giant or escaping off its fork.

I hope you won’t have a single casualty on the ship after reading and implementing this guide in your gameplay. Check out how Lethal Company became so popular for more information on this zany co-op experience.

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