How to Be Born in Mississippi in BitLife

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BitLife how to be born in Mississippi
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Many BitLife weekend challenges require creating a character born in a specific region. Sometimes, you must pick a particular country, while other times, you’ll narrow it down to a state in the US.

Let’s talk about how to be born in the state of Mississippi in BitLife.

BitLife: How to Be Born in Mississippi

When creating your BitLife character in the New Life menu, choose the United States as your starting country and Biloxi as your starting place. Since Mississippi’s capital and other populated cities are unavailable to pick, Biloxi is an acceptable choice that counts toward challenges asking you to pick this state as your starting home.

You can also use this strategy during other BitLife challenges that ask you to be born in a specific state. For example, if you encounter one asking you to start in New Jersey, you’ll choose Newark as your starting place. Similarly, if you must start in Texas, you can select locations like Dallas. This strategy works for nearly every state; it is just a matter of knowing which city is located where.

All Bitlife Challenges With Mississippi Starting Locations

Are you looking to finish every BitLife weekend challenge? As time goes on, more challenges ask you to be born in specific countries or states, with the list below having Mississippi as your required starting spot:

  • The O Challenge
  • She’s So Lucky Challenge

There are also challenges, such as the Halloween and Bijuu Mike challenges, asking to be born in the United States. While you’re not required to choose Mississippi for these, you can pick this if you wish, as challenges like these allow some freedom with your starting place.

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