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How to start a cult in BitLife
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BitLife has many money-making methods, ranging from working a standard full-time job to delving deep into the life of crime. With the introduction of the cult expansion pack, you can now create a commune, gain loyal followers, and collect membership fees to keep everything afloat. With that said, it’s time to learn how to start and lead a successful cult in BitLife.

How to Start a Cult in BitLife

Creating a cult in BitLife requires purchasing the Cult expansion pack for $5 or your regional equivalent and updating the BitLife app. Afterward, head into Activities and select Commune to find a list of sanctuary plots, one of which you must purchase to start your cult.

Once you buy a sanctuary property, you’ll choose a name, philosophy, and a list of rules before setting your cult’s membership fees. You can change these later, but you’ll have to set everything up initially to gain cult followers.

After you create your cult, you’ll instantly amass some followers, marking the beginning of your BitLife cult. You’ll receive a commune ledger annually, highlighting your gained followers, revenue, and adjusted loyalty. These stats determine your cult’s success and your followers’ views on it thus far.

How to Lead a Successful Cult in BitLife

Once you create your cult, you can find your commune at the top of your Relationships tab. You’ll find numerous options in the commune menu, from viewing your doctrine to recruiting members. With these features, your objective is to gain loyal followers without them questioning the cult’s activities or beliefs. The more followers you earn, the more money you’ll make.

How to Recruit Cult Members

In the beginning menu, you’ll find the Recruit options, allowing you to pick a location and message to spread to the public. Once you do this, two scenarios can happen:

  • You’ll gain some followers
  • You’ll get arrested for disturbing the peace

Recruiting cult members is a risky but necessary part of gaining loyal followers and making money to afford various expenses. If your character is arrested, you can either cooperate with the police, attempt to escape, or close and reopen the BitLife app to try again.

Making Money

Maintaining a successful cult requires keeping your followers happy while making enough money to afford compound upgrades, perform ceremonies, and pay for other miscellaneous cult expenses. Part of this process is adjusting your membership fees and creating cult merch to sell. However, if you make too much money without spending it on cult upgrades, your followers will question where this cash is going.

In short, you must balance making enough money to sustain the cult while keeping everyone satisfied and loyal. This is where cult activities come in.

Maintaining Cult Member Loyalty

You can engage directly with your commune members by improving your sanctuary’s appeal, performing ceremonies, and guiding your followers in the cult’s ways. While some activities like affirmation ceremonies and spiritual journeys require spending money to perform, others are a free and easy way to increase your follower loyalty. In particular, teaching your followers is a great way to increase loyalty initially while you’re working on recruiting more members.

BitLife is available on Android and iOS devices. If you’re eager to pursue other ventures, check out how to run a successful business in BitLife

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