How To Activate Photo Mode in Starfield – Answered

Take a break and snag a few photos.

Starfield is a very pretty game, so knowing how to access and utilize the Photo Mode to its full potential is rather important. Snagging that perfect photo that you’d love to use as your new wallpaper, or just something to show off to your friends is exciting, especially when you’ve got detailed worlds full of landmarks and other exciting moments waiting for you in the galaxies that lie waiting for you. However, how do you even access the Photo Mode in this game, and is it worth finding?

How To Start Photo Mode In Starfield

If you’re hoping to start snagging some beautiful pictures, you’ll have multiple ways to activate the photo mode. The first option is to enter the standard Pause Menu and select Photo Mode from the available options. If you don’t want to enter the pause menu, there’s another quick option available to all players.

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If you bring up your Scanner (LB on controller), you can find a quick option to access the Photo Mode. On a controller, you can click in the right thumbstick (R3) to quickly bring up photo mode, pausing time and letting you snag plenty of pictures of your scenery and your created character.

I’m personally a big fan of jumping right into the photo mode from the Scanner since I don’t need to navigate into the main menu and waste any extra time. This quick access is great, especially if you want to waste as little time as possible not exploring the world around you. Be sure that you’ve picked the right background before jumping into this adventure, and be sure to check out our Starfield section below to get your hands on countless tips and tricks to make your adventure all the more unique.

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