How to Access Preorder and Premium Edition Bonuses in Starfield

Can't find your preorder bonuses? We've got your back.

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It’s always nice to be rewarded when you preorder a special version of a game, but knowing how to access it is half of the battle. Starfield is a massive game, and it came with some pretty epic Preorder and Premium Edition content, but it doesn’t show up on your person when you first spawn in the game. Where do you need to go to access this stuff, and how long is it going to take to get there? Let’s dive in and find out how you can finally access your new equipment in this RPG that goes beyond the stars.

Where to Find Preorder and Premium Edition Content in Starfield

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You’ll be able to access your new gear rather early in the game, but you’ll need to get past the basic tutorial at least. Once you’ve joined up with Constellation, you’ll have access to a new area called The Lodge, which will function as your basic housing unit. You’ll have a cozy bed to sleep in, storage to place some of your extra tools and equipment, and more options available as you continue through the game. However, you’re going to want to head downstairs and access the Workbenches if you’re hoping to get your items.

Once you approach these, you’ll be able to equip the skins that you’ve received with your Premium Edition purchase. The bonuses that you’ll receive are as follows:

  • Old Mars Pack
    • Laser Cutter Skin
    • Deep Mining Helmet
    • Deep Mining Pack
  • Constellation Skin Pack
    • Equinox Laser Rifle Skin
    • Spacesuit Skin
    • Helmet Skin
    • Boost Pack Skin

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You can also continue to earn new skins for your favorite weapons as you progress through the game, so make sure you remember where you’ve encountered these workbenches so you always know where you’ll need to go to change things up a little bit. Since the Preorder/Premium skins are only for a few weapons, you may not have immediate access to some of them. I’ve been playing for a while and haven’t come across an Equinox yet, so I’m intrigued to see what that will look like.

No matter if you’ve been jumping into the world of Bethesda games for your whole life or if this is your first experience with the developer, Starfield offers a lot to those willing to give back. Be sure to keep an eye on our Starfield section below, as we’re always ready to help out a fellow explorer on their journey through the Cosmos.

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