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How to Taunt in Dead or Alive 6

by Bryan Dawson

While playing Dead or Alive 6, you’ll learn a variety of different moves that can all be strung together in order to help you emerge victorious from a match. Unlike the straightforward nature of attacks and blocks, learning to taunt in Dead or Alive 6 serves a slightly different purpose. 

Using taunt, you can wordlessly tell your opponent that you have the upper hand, and that they might as well quit while they’re ahead. Of course, it’s important to also back your brag with a match victory. Uncertain how to use taunt during a match? We’ve got you covered! 

Using a taunt is easier than most other mechanics in Dead or Alive 6 in that it requires a single button to execute. To taunt, squeeze Left Trigger on Xbox One or L2 on PlayStation 4. Keep in mind that while taunting, you’re left vulnerable to your opponent’s attacks.

What’s more, taunts serve no “real” purpose in Dead or Alive 6 other than to show off and potentially irritate your opponent. The best times to taunt are when your opponent has either been stunned or knocked down, as their focus will be on recovering rather than attacking.

All of the fighters in Dead or Alive 6 boast their own unique taunt animation. If you plan to cycle through fighters and check out their taunts, just remember that taunts are initiated with Left Trigger on Xbox One and L2 on PlayStation 4, and should be timed accordingly.