Want to learn how to tag enemies in Ghost Recon Breakpoint? It's easy, here's what you need to know! To tag 'em and bag 'em, you're going to need to get familiar with those handy dandy binoculars.

How to Tag Enemies in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

If you're like me, you might not be the best at stealth but your binoculars? Those will be your best friends. Whether you're scouting ahead, or looking to just be a little more strategic with your combat, that eye jewelry is going to be a godsend. 

First things first: Equip. For PC users, it's the Alt button. For PlayStation 4 it's R1, RB for Xbox One players. If for some reason that much-needed accessory looks to be missing, make sure your item wheel isn't full. If it is, make sure to swap something out in your loadout menu. 

Once your stunning baby blues have the binos on, scout the area for any type of enemies. When they pass over an enemy, it'll tag them. You can also tag players with the handy dandy drone and with certain guns in your arsenal. As our sister site AllGamers pointed out, the TAC50 is perfect for just that. If you're using a weapon to tag and bag, same thing applies: make sure to have the enemy in your line of sight and it will automatically tag them. 

It's important to note that some players have reported that tagging all together has stopped working for them. I didn't run into that on my PC run, but if you're running into that there unfortunately isn't a workaround. If not already, a patch should be coming soon. 

As for the game itself, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can learn more about the latest Tom Clancy title with our full review here.