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How to Solve the Trench Easter Egg In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

by Andrew Smith

Modern Warfare players have discovered an easter egg on the new Trench map that was added in Season 4. Essentially, the Trench easter egg allows players to uncover a giant teddy bear with a minigun. Further, upon discovery, the teddy bear will unleash fury on you with its minigun, resulting in your death. So without further adieu, here’s how to solve the Modern Warfare Trench easter egg.

Modern Warfare Trench Easter Egg Puzzle Solution

If you’d like to see the minigun wielding teddy bear in all of its glory, then you’re going to need to solve the Modern Warfare Trench easter egg puzzle. Basically, there are two steps that you’ll need to complete to solve the puzzle. The first will require you to find the five hidden numbers to unlock the bunker door. The second will require you to enter a second set of numbers found inside the bunker and will reveal the violent teddy bear. Let’s start with step one.

To find the bunker codes to uncover the Trench easter egg, you’ll need to visit five different locations. Unfortunately, the code is randomly generated, so we won’t be able to give it to you, you’ll have to track it down yourself. However, we can tell you where to find each number to open up the bunker and make sure to jot down the numbers in the same order as the list below.

  • Number 1: Start facing the bunker door and go left until you reach concrete blocks. Hop over the blocks and look at the bottom of the busted piece of concrete with rebar sticking out of it. The number will be at the bottom of the broken concrete next to the concrete blocks.
  • Number 2: Start facing the bunker door and go right until you reach an oil barrel next to the concrete wall. You should find the number on the left side of the barrel.
  • Number 3: Start facing the bunker door and turn 180 degrees so you’re facing the opposite direction. Run straight towards the big blue house until you see an open wooden crate in the trench. You’ll find the third number in the crate.
  • Number 4: The fourth number can be found in the area between the blue house and the bunker door. This number is on a concrete block with two pieces of rebar sticking out of it. This block is not in the trench-like the others but instead is on the main ground.
  • Number 5: Start facing the bunker and go left. You should see a tank on the edge of the bunkers close to some blue barrels, and a wooden platform. You’ll find the last number underneath the wooden platform next to the blue barrels.

Phew, that was a lot. However, you should now have all five numbers needed to unlock the bunker and reveal the Modern Warfare Trench easter egg. Head over to the keypad and use your weapon to shoot in the numbers in the order you found them. Once you do this, you’ll find the bunker doors will begin to open and you’ll have completed the first step.

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Now it’s time for step two, and thankfully, it’s super easy. Head inside the bunker and you’ll find a red phone sitting on the table with all of the stuffed animals. Pick up the phone and listen to the numbers while you jot down the code. Fortunately, these numbers are the same in every match. So head back over to the keypad and shoot in the numbers 53125. When you do this, the red phone should start to ring, head back inside the bunker and pick it up. After you answer the phone, a secret hidden door will open up and reveal the minigun wielding teddy bear. So far, no player has been able to find a way to take down the bear, so be prepared to die.

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