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How to Skip Cutscenes in Anthem

by Prima Games Staff

Players have been asking how to skip cutscenes in Anthem. While we feel the story campaign is one of Anthem’s strongest components, we understand the desire to skip a cutscene in Anthem, or even two or three in favor of actual gameplay. 

For those wondering whether it’s possible to skip cutscenes in Anthem, the answer is yes, you can skip past any and all cutscenes in Anthem. To skip a cutscene, all you need to do is hold Escape on PC, B on Xbox One, or Circle on PlayStation 4.

Then, continue to hold the button until the cutscene skips forward. If another cutscene appears right after the first, you can skip that one the same way as before (by holding Escape, B, or Circle). Skipping through cutscenes can help you quickly progress, but comes at the expense of missing interesting story elements that offer new insight on the game’s unique setting. 

You can pick up additional pieces of lore in the game itself, but these lore fragments aren’t equivalent to the cutscenes in Anthem. As such, it’s best to avoid skipping past cutscenes in Anthem. 

Anthem is scheduled to release on February 22 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. For more information on the game’s premise, and how to purchase a copy, be sure to check out the official Anthem page on EA’s website

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