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How to Ride Elephants in Far Cry 4 – Elephant Rider Skill

by Prima Games Staff

For months, Ubisoft told gamers they’d be able to ride elephants in Far Cry 4 to trample people and use these living battering rams to smash through gates. Excited, we fired up the game and learned two cold hard truths in Kyrat: elephants are nowhere to be seen at first, and when they finally show up, hero Ajay Ghale can’t automatically jump onto one. Rather, it’s a skill based privilege.

Yes, Far Cry 4 fanatic, you have to earn it.

Thankfully this is easy to do, and before long you and your colossal friend will send Pagan Min’s forces running like the dogs they are.

The first thing you want to do is play Far Cry 4. Ajay earns Experience Points (XP) for killing bad guys and completing a variety of objectives. The more XP you earn, the more Skill Points Ajay receives.

From there, head to the Skills menu and note the left and right columns of abilities, designated by the Tiger and Elephant, respectively. We’ll give you one guess which side holds the elephant skill. OK we’ll show you.

Move to the right side and choose Elephant Rider for a measly two Skill Points. Now you’re ready to find a four-legged partner in crime.

When you see an elephant in the wild, approach its side, then press and hold the Square button on PlayStation and X on Xbox. Ajay will mount the creature, and now it’s time to have some fun.

Steer the elephant as you would a vehicle. Speed up by clicking in the left analog stick, and when you’re in range of enemy forces, click the right stick to bash and throw. Rest assured chucking a bad guy 30 feet in any direction is extremely gratifying.

That said, while elephants are damage dealing machines, charging into a vehicle traveling at top speed head on is a great way to kill the elephant.  When or if that happens, skill your fallen comrade and use the meat to bait carnivores, which go after enemies. 

See? The mighty elephant is useful even in death.

On a side note, remember where you throw enemy lieutenants, especially if the objective involves searching the bodies. We tossed a high ranking guy and spent a couple minutes staring at the mini map sifting through corpses.

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