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How to Reverse Boost in Modern Warfare

by Prima Games Staff

How to Reverse Boost in Modern Warfare

The multiplayer mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a feature called Skill Based Match Making, which means the AI tries to match you with players of your skill level. So if the AI thinks you’re good at the game, you’ll play against good players. If it thinks you’re bad (no offense) you’ll play against bad players.

If you’re a traditionally bad player and have performed well in a few games back to back, you may notice that your opponents seemed more skilled, and they probably are. To fix this, you’ll need to trick the AI into thinking that you’re worse than you are, so here’s how to reverse boost in Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare Reverse Boost – How to Get in Easier Lobbies

Let’s be honest here, it’s no fun to be matched against players who are a lot better than you — trust me I know because I am terrible at online shooters. However, if you’ve been on a hot streak in the past few matches and feel like you’re doing terribly all of the sudden, you’ve likely been boosted up a tier and are facing better players. 

To quickly get back to a comfortable level of play, you’ll need to make the AI think you’re a worse player than you are, it’s called reverse boosting. To reverse boost in Modern Warfare, simply perform terribly in 3-5 matches. Things like purposely missing shots, dying a lot, and general stupidity should do the trick.

After a couple of matches, you’ll notice that your opponents are a bit easier than they used to be and you can start performing at a normal level once again. However, if you perform too well, you’ll get bumped up to a better group of players and will have to reverse boost once again, so you’ll need to find the right balance.

It’s also worth noting here that sometimes really good players will use the reverse boosting trick in Modern Warfare to try and match against newer players so they can perform really well. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that can be done about this if you’re put in a lobby with using the reverse boost powers for evil, except to leave the lobby and match with a new pool of players. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone are currently in the middle of its fourth season, which released on June 10. The new season update brought a new Battle Pass, map, weapons, and more. The update also brought a new easter egg to Modern Warfare that will allow players to find a minigun wielding teddy bear.

On the Warzone side of things, Season 4 introduced a new feature called Jailbreak which will allow players that are still in the game to rejoin their team even after losing in the Gulag on special occasions. 

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