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How to Play Heroes of the Storm – Li Li Tips

by Bryan Dawson

Li Li is another unique Support class hero in Heroes of the Storm. She is arguably the easiest of the Support classes to play, especially if you opt for a straight healing build. While she does have a few damaging abilities, those fall secondary to healing.

What makes Li Li one of the easiest characters to play is that you don’t have to target anyone for most of her abilities. One of the minor issues some people have complained about in Heroes of the Storm is that it can be difficult to target individual characters when there’s a lot going on in the midst of a team battle. It’s easy to accidentally target someone else, instead of the character you wanted to target. Li Li removes a lot of that inconvenience.

Healing Brew

This is going to be your main ability while playing as Li Li. It has a short cooldown time (three seconds) and heals the hero with the lowest life in range of the spell. Mana is still an issue during the early game, but if you pick up Conjurer’s Pursuit and kill a few minions, you won’t have to worry about mana conservation for long, and you can spam Healing Brew as often as you like. Of course, if you have to constantly spam Healing Brew, your team probably isn’t doing well and you will end up running out of mana.

The only slight downfall of this ability is that you can’t select who you wish to heal. There may be instances in which you need to heal someone who is getting attacked, but another character is fleeing who happens to have less health. In this situation you would end up healing the fleeing character instead of the hero currently engaged in battle. However, if you maneuver well you shouldn’t have to worry about this issue too much.

Cloud Serpent

Cloud Serpent is Li Li’s only primary attack that requires her to target a character. It summons a Cloud Serpent that attacks nearby enemies for eight seconds. There isn’t much to this one. Simply cast it on an ally (or yourself) who is closest to an enemy. Ideally you’d want to cast it early in a fight so you shouldn’t even need to pay attention to the health of the enemies close by. However, if this is used in the middle of a fight, try to target an ally that is close to an enemy with lower health to give an extra push and finish off that enemy.

Blinding Wind

Blinding Wind is great for reducing the damage your allies take. It hits the two closest enemy targets and causes them to miss their next two basic attacks over the course of four seconds. While enemy heroes take priority, this attack will hit minions if there aren’t enough hero targets available. It also has no impact on abilities outside of basic attacks. That means positioning is key to using this ability correctly.

You want to hit enemy heroes that rely on their basic attacks to inflict damage. Sgt. Hammer is a great example of this. While the character has a few abilities, her primary form of damage is from her basic attack. However, she also fights from the back lines, which means you’ll need to move into enemy territory to hit her with Blinding Wind. You don’t have to be too close, and with Li Li’s speed and healing ability, you can move in and out quickly without risking death.

Jug of 1,000 Cups

Think of this as a mega version of Healing Brew. It continuously heals an ally within range for six seconds. Once this is active, it’s extremely difficult for the opposing team to score kills. However, you cannot use any other abilities during Jug of 1,000 Cups. This is basically how you win team battles. As long as your teammates are ready to dish out the damage and finish off any nearby enemies, this ability will keep them alive. The opposing team will have to exert a lot of effort to kill your teammates while this is active (unless a teammate was already close to death). It’s easily one of the most effective healing abilities in the game.

Healing Build

Level 1 – Conjurer’s Pursuit
Level 4 – Lingering Blind or Mending Serpent
Level 7 – The Good Stuff
Level 10 – Jug of 1,000 Cups
Level 13 – Hindering Winds or Shrink Ray
Level 16 – Two for One
Level 20 – Jug of 1,000,000 Cups or Storm Shield

Li Li doesn’t have a lot of variety in her builds. She is a Support character who focuses on healing, and that’s what she’s good at. You have a few options here and there depending on your play style, but overall there’s only one build for Li Li.

At level one pick up Conjurer’s Pursuit and take out some minions to increase your mana regeneration rate. When you reach level four, pick up Lingering Blind to enhance Blinding Wind so it causes targets to miss three basic attacks instead of two. You can also go for Mending Serpent if you’re absolutely focused on healing for as much as possible, but the amount of healing you get isn’t worth it compared to Lingering Blind.

There’s no discussion when it comes to Li Li’s level seven abilities. Go for The Good Stuff to add a bit of healing over time to your Healing Brew ability. At level 10 you should go with Jug of 1,000 Cups for the massive healing you get from it. However, if you’re looking for a more offensive build, you can go with Water Dragon. While it does a decent amount of damage, it can be stunned. If you like the ability to dish out some damage, make sure the other team doesn’t have good stuns available when you select this ability.

Level 13 should be either Hindering Winds to slow targets hit by Blinding Wind, or Shrink Ray. Hindering Winds is great because you can hit two targets at once and the additional slow effect can really help your team make an escape if need be. Shrink Ray also slows the target and reduces their damage output as well, but it only works on a single target. Pick up Hindering Winds if want better escape options and Shrink Ray if you want more utility when it comes to preventing damage and finishing off an opponent.

When you reach level 16, Two for One should be your only choice. It allows Healing Brew to target two allies by adding 1.5 seconds of cooldown time. It’s a great trade for the ability to heal two heroes at once, especially when you’re engaging the enemy as a team.

At level 20 you have a few different options. If you opted for Jug of 1,000 Cups, going for Jug of 1,000,000 Cups means that the ability will heal two characters at once instead of one at a time. However, with the default Jug of 1,000 Cups, it’s already difficult for a teammate to die, so you may opt for Storm Shield or even Bolt of the Storm.

Storm Shield gives your entire team additional protection for three seconds. This is great in a pinch, especially if Jug of 1,000 Cups is not available. Bolt of the Storm is really more of an offensive ability. It teleports Li Li to allow her to get into a position behind enemy lines. This works well when trying to position for Blinding Wind or Water Dragon. You can also use it to escape, but with Li Li’s enhanced speed (thanks to her Fast Feet trait) you shouldn’t need to use it defensively very often.

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