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How to Open the Yellow Vault Door in Marvel’s Avengers

by Lucas White

You’ve either been playing Marvel’s Avengers since the first, or you’re waiting until around midnight tonight for your pre-order to unlock. Either way, Marvel’s Avengers is available to the people, and the people are enjoying it more than they expected to. So that means a lot of folks are playing already, and running into puzzles, secrets, and other nooks and crannies throughout each mission. One early puzzle involves a strange, yellow door inside of an AIM facility, which doesn’t have an immediately solvable solution. Luckily I’ve Hulk Smashed my way through this one, so check out the guide below if you need a leg up.

Marvel’s Avengers: Condition: Green Yellow Vault Door Puzzle Solution

This particular puzzle appears in the Condition: Green mission, a Hulk-centric side quest of sorts that appears after you restore JARVIS’ neural network. There’s a lot happening in this mission, but ultimately as you follow the main objective marker you’ll enter the AIM building via elevator. Right in the first room you’ll see a huge yellow door, with two small, yellow-lit lights on either side of it. It isn’t clear at first, but ultimately this is a timed switch puzzle.

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This is a missable puzzle, but if you want to grab the loot behind the door you need to first make sure you don’t advance to the next part of the level. You can go all the way up to the next locked door, when you’ll see the next objective marker on a switch-looking mechanism. Go ahead and fight all the way up to that point, as you’ll want to get all the enemies out of the way. Once you’re clear, your Tactical Awareness (up on the d-pad) will help you with the easy part. The switches, which are little boxes with dim, yellow lights in the middle, will light up in white, through walls even. These boxes are tucked away in corners and behind destructible objects, but the path between each one is fairly linear. That’s because you need to activate them in quick succession for the door to activate. If you hit a switch three times the light will turn blue, then you’ll want to run straight to the next one. As long as you don’t get caught up remembering where the next one is, you should have plenty of time.

The lights will turn green if you get all four switches fast enough, and the door will let you right in. There isn’t much in there; just a single chest and some resource boxes. But for one of the earlier, obvious puzzles in the game, that’s pretty alright.

Did this guide help you out? Or did you already figure the yellow vault door out on your own? What do you think of Marvel’s Avengers so far? Or are you still waiting to give it a whirl? Let us know over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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