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Prime delivery of the matchmaking system.

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When Prime Status was announced and released in CS:GO, it was fairly easy to obtain, as you only needed to add your phone number to your account. However, CS:GO has since then switched to a free-to-play model, and everyone can play competitive CS:GO matches from the get-go. With this came a change in the way to get Prime Status in CS:GO – by paying for it. See how much Prime costs in CS:GO, as well as many other useful facts about Prime in CS:GO.

How to Get Prime Status in CS:GO and CS2

Of course, Prima Games has already covered How to Get Prime Status on CS:GO if you are interested in the process of obtaining it, and I will be happy to inform you that currently, Prime costs $14.99 / 14.29€ and the upgrade you purchase will move over to Counter-Strike 2 as well.

What Does Prime Status Give You in CS:GO and CS2

With Prime, you will be matched exclusively with other Prime players in CS:GO and later, CS2. Additionally, you will be eligible for in-game drops such as exclusive souvenirs, cases, and weapons. The intent of Prime matchmaking is that there should be fewer cheaters, due to hurdles placed before them.

Is It Worth It to Buy Prime Status in CS:GO and CS2?

If you ask me, it’s definitely worth it, because you need all the help you can get to survive the onslaught of cheaters that are plaguing CS:GO.

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With the new VAC that’s coming in CS2 which will allegedly ban cheaters in real time, unlike with the usual “ban wave” method, the cheating issue will for sure be very mitigated, but no fortress is impenetrable and you definitely should give Prime a go.

Is Prime Permanent or Temporary in CS:GO and CS2?

There is a misconception about Prime being temporary. With Valve, you become Prime forever, make no mistake there. Once you become a Prime user there’s no going back, you would need to make a completely new Steam Account. Prime Status is therefore permanent in CS:GO and CS2.

Can Players With Prime Play With Players Without Prime in CS:GO and CS2?

If you are playing all by yourself, or with friends that are Prime, you will only be matched with/against players who also have Prime enabled on their accounts. The only exception to this is if you add a player without Prime to your party. In this scenario, the game will notify you that this is the case and warn you that you will play against players who do not have Prime enabled.

That’s all regarding Prime in CS:GO that you need to know at this point in time. I hope that you have found this article useful. In case you want to read more about CS:GO here at Prima, I wholeheartedly recommend How to Get Out of Silver Ranks in CS:GO and CS:GO Economy Guide, as well as exploring the game tags below.

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