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How Many Worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 3?

by Larryn Bell

Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally here, and many fans will want to know how many worlds there are in the game as they gear up for the adventure. If you’re curious about how many worlds you can look forward to exploring as Sora and the gang, don’t worry. We’ve got a full list detailing how many worlds there are in Kingdom Hearts 3 below.

How Many Worlds are in Kingdom Hearts 3?

From Arendelle to the Hundred Acre Wood, there are roughly a dozen different worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. More specifically, Kingdom Hearts 3 features at least nine different Disney worlds for players to explore during the main campaign, each with their own collectibles to find and familiar characters to meet from both Disney and Pixar films, plus several more worlds related to the main story of Kingdom Hearts itself. Below is a list of every world in Kingdom Hearts 3, listed in the order in which they are unlocked in the game:

  • Olympus
  • Twilight Town
  • Kingdom of Corona
  • Toy Box
  • Arendelle
  • Monstropolis
  • Hundred Acre Wood
  • The Caribbean 
  • San Fransokyo
  • The Realm of Darkness
  • The Keyblade Graveyard
  • Skein of Severance/Stairway to the Sky
  • Scala Ad Caelum

During the main story, there are nine worlds that are references to specific Disney films, from Frozen and Toy Story to Pirates of the Caribbean and Monsters, Inc. After that, there are several more worlds to unlock that pertain to the main storyline of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, with Scala ad Caelum to round out the adventure in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Now that you know how many worlds there are in Kingdom Hearts 3, you have a better understanding of what’s in store for Sora, Goofy, Donald, and the rest of the characters in Kingdom Hearts 3.

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