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How Many Placement Games to Get Ranked in Valorant?

by Nicholas Barth

There is plenty of excitement in the Valorant community with the recent addition of the game’s ranked mode, where players can test their skills against enemies of similar skill. However, players must first play a specific amount of placement games before they get assigned their starting rank for the competitive mode. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know regarding how many placement games you need to play to get ranked in Valorant covered for you.

How Many Placement Games to Get Ranked in Valorant?

Players now have the opportunity to jump into the competitive game mode of Valorant and play placement games to ultimately get ranked in one of the eight ranks that are in the first-person shooter. You will find that five placement games need to be played for players to officially get ranked into one of the ranks that the title has to offer to the community. 

Where you get ranked following your placement games depends on your wins, losses, and individual performances that you obtain during the five matches. Players will have a much better chance of being in one of the higher ranks if they win the majority of their matches and have strong individual performances. However, the ranking system for the game takes into account your performances during losses. This means that losses, where you performed well individually, will not be as hurtful to where you end up after the completion of your placement games than losses where you play less than stellar. 

How Many Placement Games to Get Ranked Valorant

Once you have completed all five of your placement games, you will be officially ranked and then can continue playing to climb the remaining ranks or stay at the top if you were skilled enough to be placed near the higher echelons of ranking system. Be wary, though, as poor performances and losses could result in you dropping down the ranks if you string enough together. 

Playing in a pre-made team of a few players will give you a much better chance of seeing success in your Valorant placement games and, ultimately, where you get ranked first. You will have guaranteed communication with your teammates that will be vital in you having more success than if you were playing with random players who might not provide as strong as communication when it counts. 

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