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How Many Endings Does Far Cry 5 Have?

by Josh Hawkins

Players have been plugging away at Far Cry 5 since the game’s release last week, and as the game heads into its second week abroad, players are curious about a few things. How many endings does Far Cry 5 have? Is there a good ending? A bad ending? How do you get these endings? We’ve got the answers that you’re looking for, so let’s dive in and talk about how to get all of Far Cry 5’s endings.

Like more Far Cry games in recent years, Far Cry 5 has a total of two main endings that you can unlock. There’s also a secret ending, which you can learn more about by clicking that link and heading over to our previous article on the subject. While we’ve marked these endings as the ‘good ending’ and ‘bad ending’ there really isn’t a good or bad ending in Far Cry 5. There are just options, and it’s up to you which one you want to hit.

Now, we should mention that this article does contain spoilers for key moments in Far Cry 5’s main campaign storyline. Because of this, you should not continue to read this article if you’d like to leave those secrets intact until you unlock them yourself. We’ll continue the article below the following video.

How to Get the Good Ending in Far Cry 5

If you want to unlock the more positive choice of endings in Far Cry 5, then you’ll want to continue through the game until you have taken out all of the Seed children and are tasked with facing off against Joseph Seed. This will spark a massive boss fight, which will end in Seed being downed and arrested. Once this happens, though, a flash will appear in the background, sparking a nuclear explosion in the distance.

When this happens, the Deputy and their companions hop into a truck and try to make a speedy getaway out of the valley. Unfortunately, they aren’t the best of drivers, and their truck ends up crashed into a tree. The player passes out, later waking up to find themselves being dragged by Joseph Seed back to Dutch’s bunker. The old man lays dead in the corner as Seed goes off on a monologue, talking about his plans to rebuild his congregation starting with you. The screen fades to black and the credits roll.

How to get the Bad Ending in Far Cry 5

To unlock the worse ending of the two, wait until you have the option of arresting Seed or leaving the man to his own devices (after taking out the Seed children). Choosing to leave him to his own devices causes him to forgive you. He allows you to leave, however, while driving away from the compound, the screen flashes red, and you begin to hear the song that Seed used to brainwash his flock. The screen fades to black as the song plays out, leaving you to wonder whether you have died or fallen victim to the brainwashing capabilities of the Bliss. Either way, it’s clear the ending isn’t good, which leads us to believe it’s the bad ending of the game.

As we said before, there isn’t really a win here, so it’s all up to how you want the story to end. You can learn more about the fight after Project Eden’s Gate by checking out our Far Cry 5 guide, where we have several in-depth guides, articles, and strategy pieces about Far Cry 5.


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