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How Many Chapters Does Fire Emblem: Three Houses Have in it?

by Nicholas Barth

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the latest game to become a blockbuster hit on the Nintendo Switch. This high level of success for Fire Emblem: Three Houses on the Nintendo Switch has come from the title’s exciting gameplay and fascinating story. The story of the game is a meaty one with players able to put in hundreds of hours throughout their playtimes. This lengthy story length is caused by all of the various chapters available for players to experience. If you are curious about how many sections are in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, be sure to check out how many there are below. 

How Many Chapters are in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

The number of chapters you will experience in Fire Emblem: Three Houses depends on which route you take in your story. Most of the main courses contain 22 sections within them. However, one specific direction only has 18 chapters in it. No matter which of these routes you take, you will be diving into a plethora of sections throughout your playing experience of the high-profile Nintendo Switch title. 

How Many Chapters are in Fire Emblem Three Houses

This number of chapters means players will need to be prepared to embark on a truly long adventure when they begin their Fire Emblem: Three Houses experience. 

Knowing how many chapters are in Fire Emblem: Three Houses will allow players to know exactly where they are in the game’s story and how much farther they still have to go. Are you looking for more help in navigating the world of this particular Nintendo switch game? Be sure to check out all of our other handy guides for the popular game.  

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