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Monopoly Go How Many Boards
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Advancing through boards is your main objective in Monopoly GO, and it feels like there’s just no end to them. The more boards you complete, the more expensive everything gets in the next, and you’ll need more and more dice if you want to keep progressing. Will we ever see an end to this? Find out if there’s a board limit in this game.

How Many Boards Are Available to Play in Monopoly GO?

There are over 300 boards available in Monopoly GO. Most would assume it would surpass 100, but there are reports of people reaching even higher levels. Some videos even showcase that there are many more boards than you could imagine, but it seems like there isn’t anything new in any of them aside from higher values for everything.

The biggest number I could find was a thread on Reddit where a player claimed they went up to board 387. Another one joins him, commenting they went to 353. Other threads occasionally mention big numbers over 200, and there’s not much reason not to believe them since there’s enough evidence for so many levels actually existing.

There seems to be no actual limit for the boards, or the limit (assuming that it exists) is just too big to reach naturally. After reaching a certain point, the game won’t introduce anything new to the boards, and the key difference in advanced levels will be the more expensive price tags everywhere. As far as I could find, no player has claimed to reach a limit. There could be up to 500 boards, but nothing says the number doesn’t exceed 1000.

Most players will probably not even get close to these huge numbers, given the nature of the game. But even if you’re not sticking to it for that long, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have some fun buying new proprieties. Just make sure to keep your dice rolling.

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