Once you start to delve into it, the Course Maker in Super Mario Maker 2 is surprisingly complex, and will let you play with all manner of interesting mechanics. One feature that players have recently been making impressive use of is the ability to make sub areas. These are entirely new areas that players can enter during a level, but require you to set up a link via a sub area warp pipe. To help you create some more in-depth levels, this guide will teach you how to make sub area warp pipes in Super Mario Maker 2.


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How To Make Sub Area Warp Pipes In Super Mario Maker 2

In order you make a sub area in your level, you'll first need to create a warp pipe that connects to it in your main level. This is done in the usual manner, by opening up the terrain and building mode, then selecting the warp pipe from the top bar of icons. Place it where you like as normal (you can choose the orientation and even the length of the pipe), then hold the A button while over the pipe. Select the green arrow here to be taken to the new sub area. You can pick between a horizontal or vertical sub area, and then place your exit warp pipe to choose where the player arrives.

You can only make one sub area per level, but you're free to connect as many rooms as you like within it, effectively letting you produce two, interlinking levels. Any time Mario, Luigi or the Toads enter the Warp pipe in the main world, they'll be transported to your sub area to face whatever challenges you've prepared for them there.

You've now learned how to make sub area warp pipes in Super Mario Maker 2, so get out there and start creating! With this new trick up your sleeve, you'll be able to make even more fiendish and fun levels than before. While you're here with us at Prima Games, be sure to check out our guide for how to unlock all Outfits and Costumes in the game! Follow us on Twitter too for all your gaming news and guides!