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How to Make Lots of Money in Metal Gear Solid 5

by Prima Games Staff

Today’s feature will tell you how to earn lots of money, otherwise known as GMP (Gross Military Product) in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Players need to amass sizable amounts of this virtual currency to get the most from Konami and Hideo Kojima’s video game. Not only do you need GMP to use the Fulton Recovery Device for extractions, but Mother Base upgrades require it as well. A bit short on cash? Read on to see the best ways to earn more GMP in MGS 5. 

Beat Side Ops 

Unlike the lengthy story missions, these optional quests don’t take nearly as long and feature simple objectives. In most cases, you will need to take out an enemy soldier, armored vehicle or rescue a prisoner, easily achieved with your skill set.  MGS 5 contains approximately 150 Side Ops and you stand to make a lot of GMP the more you complete. At the beginning, expect to make somewhere in the 30,000 GMP range, but later on you will routinely add 200,000 and 300,000 for later missions. In our opinion, the worst part of Side Ops is the traveling, but on the positive side, this gives you the chance to sight see through Afghanistan and Africa. Don’t worry about the time involved. The rewards are well worth the effort. 

Collect Rough Diamonds 

No sane person would leave paper currency on the street, and by that same logic, you should always pick up rough diamonds while playing The Phantom Pain. Besides, it’s free money! You won’t have to kill anyone or complete a mission per se.  In fact, sometimes interrogated soldiers will reveal diamond locations, which gives you an added incentive to take the stealthy route through the game.  Depending on the diamond’s size, you could make 10,000 to 100,000 GMP. 

Deploy Troops on Combat Missions 

Once you gain the option of enlisting soldiers to your cause, make sure you send these guys on Combat Deployments. No babysitting required! You’re able to pick and choose who goes where, then proceed on your way while these virtual warriors do all the dirty work.  You start off with the ability to have two teams active, then even more after building Forward Operation Bases. There’s a chance some of these people will die, but you can pick and choose missions based on survivability, or risk everything and hope they get the job done. The more they succeed, the more GMP you earn. 

Get S-Ranks on Story Missions 

The majority of primary missions in The Phantom Pain award you with scores upon completion, with S Ranks the highest. You obtain an S Rank from being as stealthy as possible, then adding bonus objectives to increase your total. This includes silently taking down enemies with headshots, completing the mission without activating Reflex Mode and doing successful interrogations. In fact, the worst thing to do is come out firing, so holster the primary weapon for now and think about the best way to finish a particular mission without alerting all of the enemies. Think beforehand, carry out the plan and all of that sweet GMP will be yours. 

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