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How to Make Company Coins Fast in Battlefield 5

by Josh Hawkins

In Battlefield 5, players can customize the look and gear that their Company uses to change up each class that they want to use in the game’s multiplayer. There are a ton of different things players can unlock, including new Soldiers, Weapons and even weapon customization options. To purchase a lot of this you’re going to need Company Coins in Battlefield 5, an in-game currency that can be earned by completing different tasks in-game. This article will outline the best ways to make Company Coins fast in Battlefield 5, that way you can purchase more goods.

How to Make Company Coins Fast

There are a lot of different ways for players to make Company Coins (or CC as they’ll sometimes be called) in Battlefield 5. Not only can this in-game currency be earned simply by playing the game and leveling up, but you can also complete a series of other tasks, which will help you earn Company Coins at a much higher rate. Before you dive too deeply into Battlefield 5, make sure you know how to disable V-Sync to improve the overall performance and fidelity of your game.

Special Assignments

Special Assignments are tasks that challenge players to complete a set of challenges or objectives in return for a set of Company Coins. Now, there is no information on whether these Special Assignments will refresh after a certain amount of time, so we’d suggest focusing on one and completing it as quickly as possible just to avoid losing any progress.

You can view your Special Assignments by heading to the Assignments tab on the main menu. Here you can see four slots that you can fill with Special Assignments. By default you will not have any active Special Assignments, so make sure you visit this area and toss some in before you dive into the game’s multiplayer.

As you can see, each Special Assignment has a series of challenges—usually three or so. The nice thing about these assignments is that many of them only call for you to complete any 2 of the challenges listed in there, which means it can be very easy to knock out some of the earlier Special Assignments pretty quickly, allowing you to earn an easy 200 Company Coins quite quickly.

Daily Orders

On top of Special Assignments, players that complete their Daily Orders will also be able to earn some additional Company Coins. These orders will refresh each day, giving you three new challenges to complete each day, all of which will reward you with at least 100 Company Coins (based on what we’ve seen so far).

Stay on top of your Special Assignments and make sure you complete your Daily Orders each day to ensure you’re constantly earning Company Coins quickly. This will allow you to purchase new soldiers and other items from the Armory. You can also return to our Battlefield 5 guides for more helpful information.


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