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How Long Does It Take To Beat Marvel’s Avengers?

by Morgan Shaver

If you’ve been grinding away at the campaign in Marvel’s Avengers, you may find yourself wondering how long it takes to complete.

Whether you’re hoping to finish it to move on to other games, or if you want to get as much enjoyment out of the game as possible, we have a quick guide that’ll break down how long it’ll take you to beat Marvel’s Avengers.

How Long Does It Take To Beat Marvel’s Avengers? 

The quick answer to the question of how long it’ll take you to beat Marvel’s Avengers is anywhere between 10 to 20+ hours. The completion times as reported by both players and members of the press have been fairly consistent in that range.

If you want to speed through the campaign and ignore other in-game content and activities, you can easily beat Marvel’s Avengers in as little as 9-10 hours.

If you want to take your time with the campaign, but are likewise uninterested in other in-game activities, it could take you anywhere between 12 to 15 hours to beat Marvel’s Avengers. 

The number on the higher end there is reflective of working to get 100% completion in the game by running through things like optional Iconic Missions.

Adding to this, there are other things to do in Marvel’s Avengers outside of the campaign itself.

While Marvel’s Avengers lacks a dedicated “New Game Plus” mode, you’re welcome to replay the campaign on a harder difficulty setting.

You can also dig into other aspects of the game from the Avenger Initiative mode, working through Hero Challenge Cards for your favorite characters, and completing Daily and Weekly Assignments.

With these Daily and Weekly Assignments, you can earn rewards and resources that can help you upgrade your Exotic Artifacts.

Keeping these other activities in mind, you could easily dedicate over 20 hours to Marvel’s Avengers simply by jumping back into the game to complete certain tasks, or to try out new characters when they’re released like Hawkeye or Spider-Man. 

When talking about the campaign by itself, 10 to 15 hours is what you’re looking at in terms of completion time.

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