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How Long Does Dead Space Remake Take to Beat? – Answered

There may be dead space, but time sure ain't dead.

by Shawn Robinson
Dead Space Remake Isaac Broken Hallway

Dead Space Remake brings the classic survival horror experience to modern audiences. Through a number of gameplay changes and a massive facelift graphically, there’s a lot to be excited about whether you’re a classic Dead Space fan or are jumping into the series for the first time. With so much to be excited about, you may be wondering how long the experience will be. Here’s how long Dead Space Remake will take to beat.

How Long is Dead Space Remake?

The answer to this question of course depends on how much time you’re willing to put into the game. If you’re the type of player to complete the main story and that’s it, then you should expect maybe a few hours longer than the original game’s 11-hour run time. This extra time is related to some of the completely revamped puzzles and areas to fit better in a modern-day setting.

If you’re the type of player who wants to do side missions as well, that’s where things get complicated. Given that the original game had no side missions, this is extra content that will probably take up quite a bit more time. We don’t have exact estimates at the time of writing (and we’ll change this once there’s more information) so expect a healthy chunk of additional time needed to complete those. You should also expect to double those hours if you decide New Game+ is up your alley.

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Needless to say, Dead Space Remake is going to provide some much larger value than the original game. If you’re the type to dive into every detail of the games you play, whether for achievements or otherwise, then you’re bound to enjoy yourself quite a lot. Just try not to get too many guts splattered on yourself in the process.

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