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How to Join a Clan in The Division 2

by Prima Games Staff

Exploring The Dark Zone in The Division 2 can be a scary prospect on your own, so it’s no wonder that many players want to know how to join a clan. Working with a team can often be a lot more fun than playing solo, and gives you a chance to take part in a lot of the late game PvP activities that form some of The Division 2’s best content. In this guide we’ll teach you how to join or set up a clan in The Division 2.

The first step to joining or creating a clan in The Division 2 is to unlock the Clans feature. To do so you’ll need to play through the game’s main story until you’ve completed the Viewpoint Museum mission. In this you’ll meet a new NPC named Grace Larson who’ll join your base. 

Once you’ve completed Viewpoint Museum you’ll be able to find Grace Larson at the Theater Settlement. Speak with her and you can choose to recruit Grace, opening up the clans options. You’ll now be able to join the clans of other players, or even create your own.

Open the game’s main menu (Options on PS4 and Menu on Xbox One) and open the Clans menu on the left. You can now select if you want to join or create a clan, and pick between a number of filters to change up how your clan is defined, or the ones you’re searching for. 

If you’re able to play with a group of friends regularly, creating a clan is the way to go. However, if you’re playing The Division 2 alone, try joining another clan to find players you can team up with for the PvE and PvP events. You’ll also be able to use voice chat with anyone in your clan.

You’ve now learned how to create or join a clan in The Division 2, so why not put those skills to the test by learning how to open up The Dark Zone. Want to show off to your friends? Make sure you’ve mastered changing your appearance before you meet up online.

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