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How is Harvestella’s Performance on Steam Deck? – Answered

Does it run on Valve's handheld?

by Meg Bethany Koepp

Harvestella is Square Enix’s latest life adventure sim and mixes farming with anime, monster hunting, and exploration. It is the perfect game to take on the go, which is convenient if you own a Nintendo Switch. But what about Steam Deck? Does it run well on Valve’s portable PC? Here’s everything you need to know about Harvestella’s performance on Steam Deck and whether you should spend money on it or not.

Can You Play Harvestella on Steam Deck?

If you download the game on Steam Deck, the first thing you’ll notice is instead of the usual green Verified or orange Playable icons you see on titles, Harvestella has the Unknown icon. This means that Valve has yet to test it to see how well it runs so you don’t get a clear indicator right off the bat.

Luckily for you, I’m a huge Steam Deck sicko and I’ve bought and tested Harvestella’s performance on the console so you can find out whether it’s worth dropping the $60 on it or not. Think of me as your personal guinea pig.

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Good news – yes, you can play Harvestella on Steam Deck and yes, it runs well. I’ve been getting 60FPS consistently with minimal drops in both handheld mode and docked using my official dock hooked up to my TV. And it looks gorgeous too, especially if you have vibrantDeck installed.

While Harvestella is also on Nintendo Switch, I’d definitely recommend the Steam Deck version more if you own both. It not only looks better but it runs better too.

Another great thing about Steam Deck is if you own a gaming PC, you can stop playing handheld and switch over to your PC and resume playing from there whenever you want. And vice versa. There are really no downsides.