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How is Atelier Ryza 3’s Performance on Switch and Steam Deck?

Can you take Ryza's newest adventure on the go?

by Lucas White

If you’re reading this now, I’ve been playing Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key ahead of its release on March 23, 2023. I’ve been fortunate enough to have access to both the PC and the Nintendo Switch versions, and have spent time with both. I also am fortunate enough to have a Steam Deck, and I know people care deeply ‘bout that Deck. But Switch ports are still points of concern too. So here’s how Atelier Ryza 3 runs on both Steam Deck and Switch.

Atelier Ryza 3 – Performance on Switch and Steam Deck

Again, this is pre-release content. So it’s totally possible things change over time, especially for the Steam Deck side of things. Either way, the best way to play Atelier Ryza 3 and experience its full wonder is on PC. Same with the last game and the game before that. Atelier games are just built different. But that doesn’t mean playing handheld is a bad experience.

On Switch, anyway. The Nintendo Switch port of Atelier Ryza 3 runs impressively well for what it is. You need to have a realistic set of expectations of course, but this game meets them comfortably. The resolution is not perfect, but it runs super smoothly at what I’m eyeballing at a solid 30 fps. You can choose between a “performance” and “quality” option in the menu, but the differences seem minor. The biggest issue on this version is the text. Since there’s no size option, text is really hard to see in Handheld Mode, especially with the emergent dialogue that happens while you’re running around.

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On the Steam Deck, things are a lot dicier. I’ve messed around with the settings a lot, and simply haven’t been able to get it running smoothly. It’s playable, but jittery regardless of the visual settings, the refresh rate settings on the Steam Deck itself, or anything I’ve tried. But it’s playable. Unless you have Vsync on; turn that shit off immediately. With Vsync, pre-launch, the menus are stuck in a constant vibrating jitter that will make you sick. But it goes away if you turn it off.

That’s pretty much it. This is a visually impressive game and one of Gust’s beefiest yet. But that comes at a cost if you’re playing on anything that isn’t a solid, modern PC. If you’re trying to get full, high-resolution visuals with a smooth 60 fps frame rate, you’re stuck here for now. Even the AYANEO 2 struggles to run Ryza 3 at full blast. But if you’re only on Switch or determined to play on Steam Deck it’s doable. Just not ideal.

We’ll come back every now and then to check, but Koei Tecmo and the Steam Deck don’t seem to get along super well in general. I’d love to be wrong, though!

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