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How To Interrupt Behemoths In Dauntless

by John Cooper

When facing down a monster that is several times larger than you it is hard to keep your cool. In order to succeed you’re going to need to find whatever advantages you can, there is no point in a fair fight when the odds are stacked against you. Dauntless is full of these kinds of fights: unfair, seemingly impossible battles that you have to survive if you want to save your little town. The advantages you can gain in a fight include things like elemental advantages and staggers, but you can also interrupt the attacks of some Behemoths too. In order to help you come out on top, have a read of this to find out how to interrupt Behemoths in Dauntless.

How To Interrupt Behemoths In Dauntless

While each of the Behemoths has its own tell, the best way to see when you can perform a stagger is when you see red lines around its head. During this window, if you can deal enough damage you’ll be able to stagger the beast and it will be open to some brutal follow up attacks from you and your team. Here are the openings for each of the gigantic monsters: 

  • Shrike: During the flying charge attack. 
  • Skraev: Also during the flying charge attack. 
  • Skarn: As the beast rears up on its hind legs. 
  • Shrowd: The flying attack during the blind phase. 
  • Rezakiri: During the swooping attack. 
  • Stormclaw: As he charges at you. 
  • Embermane: Another one that is vulnerable during its charge attack. 
  • Gnasher: Just before a charging attack there is a small hop that can be punished. 

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