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How Good is Absorbing Man in Marvel Snap?

This is gonna produce some shenanigans.

by Nikola L

Absorbing Man is a new card in Marvel Snap, with quite a peculiar effect and stats. The patch is coming on November 30, 2022 at around 2 PM Pacific, and it will bring a whole lot of changes to the game – along with some new cards. Find out how good Absorbing Man is and in which decks you can fit him.

What is the Card Effect of Absorbing Man in Marvel Snap?

Funnily enough, one of our favorite decks is the “On Reveal” combo deck, and this card will be an amazing addition to it. Absorbing Man costs 4 Energy and has 3 Power.

Screenshot by Prima Games

The card text reads: On Reveal: If the last card you played has an On Reveal ability, this card copies it.

On the curve, this card is weak in terms of Power, but if you follow up a great On Reveal effect from the last turn in the late game successfully, you can truly turn the game around, especially if Wong is out there to back him up.

What Decks in Marvel Snap Are Good With Absorbing Man?

We are trolling around with a powerful combo deck right now from which we would eject Wolfsbane in favor of Absorbing Man. Early game consists of stealing cards from your opponent’s deck, manipulating Locations, and cleaning out 1-Cost aggro decks (or just individual 1-Cost cards that threaten violence on the board).

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Mid-game is a combo where you deploy Wong on Turn 4, White Tiger on Turn 5 to generate two more tigers, finishing with Odin on Turn 6 to generate even more tigers OR Black Panther to boost up the current location (since Wong and White Tiger have 3 power total). Jubilee is there to help get out a powerful card from the Deck as well. For example, you didn’t get Wong, and you want to dig him out of your Deck with that effect. Alternatively, you will get a White Tiger or a Black Panther hopefully, or Odin, which will allow Jubilee to search for Wong again.

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Of course, you can easily see that Absorbing Man is there to fill in the gap of any potentially missing card.
The deck propelled us from rank 50 to rank 70 in two days. It has some RNG but is usually consistent enough to sneak in wins against unsuspecting foes. And of course, stealing crucial combo pieces with Mantis and Cable is highly underrated.

Screenshot by Prima Games
# (1) Agent 13
# (1) Mantis
# (2) Cable
# (2) Scarlet Witch
# (3) Wolfsbane
# (3) Killmonger
# (4) Jubilee
# (4) Wong
# (4) Shang-Chi
# (5) White Tiger
# (5) Black Panther
# (6) Odin
# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and paste it from the deck editing menu in Snap.

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