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How to Get a Sloop Fast in Atlas

by Larryn Bell

One of the most exciting parts about atlas is heading out into the open waters in your very own boat. While a raft is available for purchase to fulfill you most basic sailing needs, eventually you may want to upgrade to your own vessel, such as a sloop. If you’re anxious to explore the open seas, follow our guide below to learn how to get a sloop fast in Atlas so you can set sail and be on your way.

How to Get a Sloop Fast in Atlas

Sloops are a type of small ship in Atlas. They are just big enough to get the job done and are among the cheapest ships you can get in the game. The quickest and most efficient way to obtain your very own sloop is by visiting the Shipyardsman at the local Freeport. These merchant NPCs are typically found at the end of the docks. 

There are two main sailing blueprints you can buy from the Freeport merchant: a raft and a ramshackle sloop. Though the raft will work for basic seafaring, the ramshackle sloop is what you’ll want to get when you are truly ready to set sail.

The ramshackle sloop in Atlas comes with all the gear you need to adventure on the open waters and sail beyond the starting location. This vessel is outfitted with a deck and two small sails, along with a steering wheel. To build this sloop, you will need to collect the following resources: 225 Fibers, 75 Hide, and 250 Wood.

How to get a ramshackle sloop in Atlas

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Ramshackle sloops have a lower weight capacity than the standard sloops. However, what the ramshackle sloop lacks in function, it makes up for in convenience, as this vessel doesn’t require you to build a Small Shipyard like the standard sloop does. 

As long as you’ve gathered enough resources, you should be able to buy yourself a ramshackle sloop and set sail on new adventures in Atlas. If you’re looking for more gameplay tips, such as how to make a taming pen, be sure to visit some of our other Atlas guides for details.

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