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How to Get a Shotgun in Resident Evil 2

by Larryn Bell

In Resident Evil 2, your ability to fend off zombies and survive will largely depend on the weapon you’re using. The shotgun is a great weapon to have handy, especially when taking out tough zombies at close range. We’ll explain how you can get your hands on a shotgun in Resident Evil 2 so that you can defend yourself with one of the best weapons in the game while playing as Leon.

How to Get a Shotgun in Resident Evil 2

Shotgun location Resident Evil 2

If you chose to play as Leon for your first run through Resident Evil 2, then you can find the shotgun inside the Safety Deposit Room, which is across from the West Office on the first floor. However, you won’t be able to get the shotgun just yet. First, you will need to find the right key card to open the locker where the shotgun is stored. 

Before setting out to find the key card, you’ll need to acquire the Spade Key. Take the stairs beside the Safety Deposit Room and head up to the third floor (3F). You’ll find the key sitting on top of a desk in the room at the end of the walkway, just beyond the locker

With the Spade Key in tow, now you can head to the Art Room. Pass through the Main Hall to the east side of the station and enter the Waiting Room on the second floor (2F). Use the Spade Key to unlock the door on the back side of the room.  Turn left and continue down the corridor. The door ahead on the right leads to the Art Room. Take the Weapons Locker Key Card from the desk with the green lamp on it, and make sure to come back here later to complete the Art Room puzzle if you haven’t already.

shotgun keycard location resident evil 2

Now, head back through the Main Hall and return to the Safety Deposit Room on the west end of the police station and use the key card to open the weapons locker and retrieve the shotgun and a bit of ammo. Be sure to unlock some of the other lockers and safes in this area to obtain a Hip Pouch and other useful items in Resident Evil 2.

If you happened to select Claire as your starting character, then your route to the shotgun once you play as Leon should actually be somewhat faster. The process is basically the same, only in this scenario you can access the Art Room by heading up the Fire Escape outside to reach the second floor. Continue down the corridor to the left until you eventually reach the door to the Art Room. Follow the rest of the steps to access the weapons locker and obtain the shotgun.

Now that you know how to get the shotgun for Leon in Resident Evil 2, you should have a much easier time blasting through any undead surprises you may encounter on your journey. Check out our other Resident Evil 2 guides for more gameplay tips!

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