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How to Get New Weapons in Hades

by Larryn Bell

When you dive into the underworld of Hades, one of the first things you’ll want to know early on is how to acquire new weapons. As you encounter different enemies in Hades, you will eventually need different weapons to get the job done. We’ll go over how to unlock new weapons in Hades so that you can pad your arsenal with different weapons and have a variety of arms at your disposal.

How to Get New Weapons in Hades

Unlocking new weapons in Hades requires Skeleton Keys, which are obtained as you slay foes and make your way through the depths of the Underworld. To get Skeleton Keys, you’ll need to find doors that are marked with a Skeleton Key icon. Slaying all the foes behind one of these marked doors will allow you to obtain a Skeleton Key, which is used as a type of currency in Hades. 

how to unlock weapons in Hades

Skeleton Keys can be spent on unlocking new weapons in the House of Hades. Weapons will vary in cost, so be sure to note the Skeleton Key price if there is a particular weapon you’re eyeing. To learn the history of each weapon and its description, press the C key to open your Codex of the Underworld and navigate to the Infernal Arms category.  You can learn more details about each weapon by continuously slaying foes throughout the game.

There are at least four Infernal Arms available to unlock in Hades: Stygian Blade, Eternal Spear, Heart-Seeking Bow, and Shield of Chaos. Each weapon has its own set of special attacks, so be sure to swap out your weapons in different scenarios to make the most of their capabilities. For example, you may want to use the Heart-Seeking Bow to eliminate multiple foes from long distances rather than going for close-range melee attacks with your blade. 

Unlocking each weapon in Hades isn’t particularly difficult if you make an effort to earn Skeleton Keys throughout your journey. If you’re just starting out, you may want to brush up on how the save system works in Hades as well so that you know what to expect after an extended play session.

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