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How To Get NERO Injectors In Days Gone

by John Cooper

Surviving the post-apocalypse is rough; you have no access to grocery stores, avocados have probably become extinct and you have to fight off hordes of angry freakers. Why freakers? Because zombies are so last year. 

In Days Gone you can make your life slightly easier by hunting down the NERO Checkpoints which help you get NERO Injectors. While you may think these help you become part-demon, they actually allow you to upgrade your max Health, Focus, or Stamina. This is an incredibly important part of surviving the world of Days Gone. 

There are actually 30 of them in the game, essentially ten for each of the three stats. You can mostly find the injectors in either NERO Checkpoints or NERO Research Stations. You can tell when you’re actually near them because they have a red flashing light on them and make a weird noise when you get near them. You can also see where one of the facilities will be if you keep an eye out for NERO signposts too.

The NERO checkpoints are incredibly useful because you can use them as fast travel locations. They need to be powered up before you can use that aspect of them, but it is worth doing given the scale of Days Gone. These are also permanently marked on the map so are a fair bit easier to find than their counterparts. 

The NERO Research Stations tend to be much harder to get to and can often be well away from the beaten path. You’ll need to be able to boost in order to get to some of the trickier ones too as they can involve jumps. These will be marked on your map if you get close enough or if you find the bunker at any cleared Ambush Camps. However, they will permanently disappear once you’ve collected the sweet sweet nectar that is the NERO Injector itself. 

You do have to wonder what brings a man to inject himself with everything he finds after the world has gone awry. Then again, maybe that is the answer in itself.