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How to Get Mr. Rime in Pokemon Sword and Shield

by Nicholas Barth

The Pokemon franchise received a healthy dose of new characters when the titles of Sword and Shield released. Some of these new characters were a result of older creatures gaining new forms from living in the Galar Region of the two games. Mr. Mime is one of these characters who received a Galar Form. Those who can evolve a Galarian version of this creature can obtain Mr. Rime. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to get Mr. Rime covered. 

How to Get Mr. Rime in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Players will see that Mr. Rime is a Psychic and Ice-type who is weak against Rock, Steel, Fire, Bug, Ghost, and Dark types.

Individuals will have luck finding one of these creatures within the confines of Route 10 in the games. You can also catch a Galarian Mime and evolve it by having it reach level 42. 

Mr Rime Pokemon Sword and Shield

According to the official Pokedex entries of the creature, “It’s highly skilled at tap-dancing. It waves its cane of ice in time with its graceful movements,” and “Its amusing movements make it very popular. It releases its psychic power from the pattern on its belly.”

The process for acquiring a Mr. Rime is not a complex one by any means. However, it will likely take you a decent amount of time to finally catch one or evolve one depending on your luck when it comes to finding this particular character in the latest set of titles from the legendary entertainment franchise. 

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