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How to Get More Toad Rally Tickets in Super Mario Run

by Josh Hawkins

Toad Rally is a new game mode in Super Mario Run. In this new mode, players can race against other players to earn the most coins and get the most fans, or Toads. These Toads will then join your kingdom, allowing you to build things in Kingdom Builder Mode. In this article, we’ll show you how to get Toad Rally Tickets, so you can play this exciting mode.

How to Get Toad Rally Tickets

Getting more Toad Rally Tickets is quite easy when you think about it. Not only are there a ton of different ways for you to get new ones, but there are also plenty of opportunities throughout the game that allow players of any skill level to partake in the rewards. We outlined all the ways that you can get more Toad Rally Tickets below, so take a look and then collect as many as possible!

Complete Toad Rally Races

This one might seem a bit silly, but you have a chance to receive Toad Rally Tickets from competing in and winning Toad Rally matches. It’s kind of funny when you stop to think about it, but it’s also nice to know that you can earn back the Tickets that you spent by competing in this game mode.

Collect All 5 Pink Coins

Another way to earn additional Toad Rally Tickets is to find and collect all five of the Pink Coins in Super Mario Run’s World Tour levels. Each time you find all five of the coins in a level, you’ll be rewarded with a prize that can range from Toad Rally Tickets to a simple bundle coins to spend on your Kingdom’s decorations. We also noticed that you have a small possibility to collect more Toad Rally Tickets while completing Worlds in World Tour for the first time.

Purchase the Full Game

Super Mario Run is a free to play game, but if you want to dive into everything that Nintendo’s game has to offer, you’ll need to invest in the full game. This costs $9.99, but the upside is you’ll not only receive all the levels in World Tour, but you’ll also get 3,000 coins, a Question Block decoration item and 20 Toad Rally Tickets. That’s more than enough to help you get started.

Build Bonus Houses, Play Bonus Games

When upgrading your Kingdom, you’ll often have the chance to purchase Bonus Houses, which slowly refill over time. When they are refilled, you can tap on them to go into a Bonus Game, which tasks you with collecting as many coins as possible while trying to find a chest with something worthwhile inside. We played through the Bonus House several times, and found that it’s a nice way to earn additional Toad Rally Tickets, though it can be a bit tough to win at, since things are all based on chance and which path you choose to take in the game.

That’s all we know about earning Toad Rally Tickets at the moment. As you can tell, there are plenty of ways to acquire more Tickets, and plenty of things to do to keep you entertained in Super Mario Run. You can learn more about the game by heading over to our Super Mario Run guide, and be sure to learn how to unlock all the characters in Super Mario Run before you go.

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